Revert of a Jewish family to Dear Islam



Let us follow the journey of Brother Yousef al Khattab and his family’s Reversion to Islam – A Former Jewish Rabbi…..

I was born to a Secular Jewish family, and at the age of 18 years old decided to look “deeper” into belief in God. Like most people, I looked at religion from a view point that was closer to me. Being that my family was Jewish and I was raised to attend Jewish schools I looked into Rabbinical “Orthodox Judaism”.

In the year 1988 I entered a Yeshiva and started my journey into the Orthodox Rabbinical racist cult. In 1991 I wed my 1st wife (then) Luna Mellul now Qamar al- Khattab. She was from the Moroccan town named Tetouan and was attending the racist Orthodox Jewish girls seminary known as Breuers or Sampson Raphael Hirsh Bet Yaakov a.k.a. Bais Yakov.

1992 bought us the birth of my 1st child Abdel Rahman (formally Rachamim Cohen). Alhumdulillah he was then as he is now my pride and joy. Upon the birth of Abdel Rahman we were living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in the Satmar Hasidic community. I used to see all the lying and cheating, government scams and money laundering using the Synagogue and Yeshiva bank accounts and the poor hygiene of these folk, and was nervous for my new born son not to grow up like these folk. We tried broadening our horizons and moved to the Ocean Parkway area of Brooklyn, later that year.

1994 till 1998 brought us the birth of 3 more wonderful children Alhumdulillah. Hesibeh, Abdel Aziz (formally Ezra),and Abdullah (formally Ovadia) during these years I tried to convince myself that Judaism was a true path and I just didn’t understand it because I never read the entire set of Talmud and it 3 different ways of understanding it including the “hidden level”. You see this is the trick in the rabbinical cult, you will not EVER finish learning all the rabbinic text thus u are subservient to the Rabbis (aka Elders of Zion) who will interpret Judaism for you. During this time frame the Rabbis saw that we doubted there beliefs thus constantly followed our family contacting all new friends and employers etc. The Rabbis MUST ALWAYS know where you move to and who are your friends. The Rabbis were starting to be a big nuisance as were the Rabbinical Jews so seeking a better future elsewhere we loaded up the family and moved to Palestine (then like most westerners we were brainwashed to refer to the Jew entity as Israel).

September 1998, we now arrived in Gaza or what the Jewish squatters refer to as Gush Qatif. Quickly my wife was turned off by the lies of the folk there and my son Abdel Rahman came running home from school one day saying “Daddy, my teacher doesn’t cover her hair properly, her dress is too short, they don’t learn Torah here and all they do is play”!! Masha Allah, my son was very correct so with no possessions or money we set off to find a home in the nearby Jew settlement of Netivot in occupied 1948 Palestine. Shas, a “religious political party” immediately helped us by providing a home and their private school system and my kids went from knowing NO Hebrew to being tops in their class Alhumdulillah. During our stay in Netivot, I met a Muslim from UAE and we had conversations for about 2 years where he would ask me questions about Jewish Aqeedah or Jewish creed, and then compare it to Tawheed al Elohiya a part of Islamic Monotheism. I would then go and ask major Rabbis questions about the Jewish creed and always got 60000 different answers.

The Jews can’t even tell you where their God is based on text; rather they say God is everywhere! (authubillah) One day I decided to go to the Arab Souk and buy a translation of the meaning of the Noble Qur’an in the English language. SubahanAllah!!!!! I could not put it down!! Every problem I had with Jews and Judaism was being addressed by Allah the Most High, in the 1st 3 chapters of the Noble Qur’an, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala answered most of my doubts about Judaism. The Noble Qur’an is firm with the Jews and invites them to a just truth (Islam) to save them from the hellfire their ancestors are currently in.

When I finished reading the entire Noble Qur’an, I could no longer associate with Jews any longer, thus I was obliged to tell my wife I am a Muslim. Alhumdulillah within 2 weeks my wife decided to read the Noble Qur’an and became a Muslimah!!! Then the kids after her, Alhumdulillah.

Today 2006 Alhumdulillah, I live in Morocco with my wife Qamar and kids. My kids no longer remember Hebrew and their 1st language is Arabic. All the kids are learning in Islamic Arabic Schools Alhumdulilah we thank ALLAH Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala for blessing us with Islam.


(Courtesy United Muslims World)