Filipino actor Robinhood Fernando Carino Padilla who converted to Islam

“The past is a problem then. I’m not a ‘kid’ again. I am now a ‘man’, the nickname ‘Evil Man’ did not seem to wear, but that’s part of my past,” said Carino Robinhood Fernando Padilla, actor Filipina who had been idolized by many people in the era of the ’90s through the film-action movie that starred.

Better known by the name of Robin Padilla, past the man who was born of Protestant Christian family, was dark even though his life as a famous actor wallowing in luxury. But the popularity of luxury and it’s a plunge into the world of night full of sinners. He was trapped in the lives of street thugs and drugs, thus making its popularity had declined.

The actor who was nicknamed “The Bad Boy of Philippine Movies Action” for his role as a member of a cold-blooded gangster in a film, the police have to deal with the Philippines because of football that has been categorized terjangnya criminal. In 1994, Philippine police arrested him and Padilla was convicted on charges of illegal possession of firearms. The court sentenced him to 21 years in prison, but in 1998 he was released.

Past experience in prison was a life-changing Padilla. He became acquainted with Gene Gallopin, a Muslim and human rights activists to Muslim minority communities in the Philippines. Robin began to know Islam from the long discussions about religion with Gallopin who is also a convert, so Robin decided to convert to Islam and used Islamic name Abdul Aziz.

Islamic actor born in Manila, Philippines, 23 November 1967 is not much revealed by the mass media, so many fans were surprised Padilla who really know their idol actors turned out to have become a Muslim.

Shortly after Padilla bersyahadat, named his wife Liezl, also converted to Islam. Couple converts were blessed with five children, began life as a Muslim family. Padilla is still continuing his career as an actor, but after becoming a Muslim, he also did a lot of socio-religious activities.

Activities in the field of religion, made Padilla repeatedly exposed to bias. He was even accused of having an affair with the Abu Sayyaf, a Muslim group in the Philippines who is identified as a radical and terrorist groups. But for Padilla, there may be bias it is a challenge for him to live a life as a Muslim-majority country was Catholic pendudukanya.

Padilla also formed an advocacy agency to help the Filipino Muslim community. He has been appointed as an ambassador for Malaria Eradication Movement by the Department of Health Philippines because gait Padilla organizations in tackling the outbreak of malaria in the country.

Padilla also managed to collect a fund of one million pesos kegiataan Fililpina in raising funds to build a Muslim cemetery in Norzagaray town, Bulacan province.

Establishing Madrasah

In education, Padilla mewakafkan his land in Fairview Park, Quezon City to establish educational institutions of madrasas for Muslim children preschool age.

“The students will get to read Al-Quran lessons from teachers selected. They will live in a dormitory in the same location, shall be exempt from school fees, books are given free, including boarding fees, “said Padilla.

The idea to establish madrasas came after he visited the islands of Basilan and Jolo in southern Philippines, which is part of the Mindanao region, an area in the Philippines is predominantly Muslim.

“From my visit to Mindanao, I found the root of the most pressing issues in there. The lack of education makes kids retarded Muslims there,” Padilla said.

At the beginning of its establishment, there are only five teachers at the school, who have undergone training on international Islamic schools in Turkey. Padilla said he actually wanted to hire teachers, local university graduates, but the costs were more expensive.

“When the foundation management Fountain International School in Turkey to hear the plan we set up Muslim schools in Manila, they declare willing to help provide training for teachers free of charge,” said Padilla.

Asked about the conflict in Mindanao between the Philippine government and Muslim community, Padilla said, “I saw the short-term solution to resolve the conflict in Mindanao, the Philippine military withdrawal from the territory. Throughout the military forces still exist, there will be no peace in Mindanao, “he said. (Kw / TT)


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  1. He is the cousin of the late Rudy Fernandez he is the relative of the late Amado Cortez uncle of the patriarch and member of the family he was born in 1968 in Manila he is an actor/martial artist singer comedian performer and husband of actress/model/endorser Marielle Rodriguez (b.1984 Manila)
    former star of Toda Max now directing a new movie Kuratong Baleleng and other film projects as well also on television without leaving the network they have siblings Rommel Padilla Royette Padilla and Rustom Padilla/BB Gandanghari she is now trained as a glamour girl/drag queen in New York . And remains a respected figures of all time and his television and film career continues …Thanks for the information.From:Wayne


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