Islam is Beautiful and Simple Michele Ashfaq from New York United States

There are wise words that say, one good example is more powerful than a thousand suggestions. Wise words to describe that to give an example by showing a good attitude and behavior, will leave a deeper impression on other people, than if we spit a lot of words and give advice.

That’s what Michele experienced, women from New York, who knew and eventually attracted to Islam because he was impressed with the character of the man who now became her husband. Muslim men were not only teaches etiquette and hygiene, but also gives a real example on Michele through everyday behavior.

“He just told me many things about Islam, but I’m the one who then started reading Islamic books sent by the father-in-law of Pakistan now. That’s what I initially wanted to find out what it is Islam, “says Michele Ashfaq who previously embraced the Catholic religion.

Before getting to know Islam, Michele admitted through a phase of life that are not targeted. He was puzzled what else to do but raised as a Catholic, but believe in their religion and pray. In the confusion, Michele had moved the congregation, he follows the pilgrims Baptist Church along with his grandparents.

“When I was 17 or 18 years, I experienced a strange event. He was in pernjalanan to the Catholic church when it was suddenly as if someone had whispered to him not to go into the church, “says Michele.

Since then, he began to feel reluctant to come to church. Once arrived, he would be late to church, or there are things that make it off go to church.
“When I studied back, was incredible that they happen for a reason. At that time I was in a state of binging and do not know anything about Islam. My people are naive and do not know anything about other religions. All I know, that time I lived in a very remote town in southern West Virginia with my grandparents. And I live just round the church-house, the house-church, “said Michele.

As described above, Michele know Islam from Muslim man from Pakistan who is now her husband. Next, Michelle learned about Islam from books he read.

Michelle was deeply impressed with the simplicity of Islam. “Islam is simple and easy. That’s what drew me to Islam. I can read and understand the Quran. In stark contrast to when I was at church, we were not advised to read the Bible or books to be understood. We were just told to listen to just what diceramahkan pastor. At that time, I’m a just a lot of asking questions, “added Michele.

Two things he asked seriously when it is about confession of sin and why he should believe in Jesus as savior. He still remembers how her mother forced her to meet with the pastor at the church and to confession as did the Catholics in general. For Michele, it’s very strange tradition. “For what I came to a man and confess my sins. I knew he was pastor, but he’s not my father! “Said Michele. At her age when she was a teenager, he felt the tradition that is not true.

Then, about the conviction of Jesus as a savior for Catholics. Michele questioned what about the followers of Prophet Abraham, the people who existed before Jesus came. “If they told me if I do not believe in Jesus, then I’ll go to hell, then what about the people before Jesus existed? Though Abraham was also a prophet and has also had a follower, “says Michele.

That’s two big questions about Catholic doctrine, and he was not ever get a satisfactory answer and reasonable. From the spiritual side, it makes Michele frustrating situation.

“But the moments that most makes it frustrating is when he did not meet with my husband. I really do not know what I should do, do not know where to worship, time was running very slow, and I ask God, why all this happened, why I so can not be going back to church, I never even dreamed of goal to become a nun, “said Michele.

Anxiety was answered when Michele Michele explore Islam. He said, “When you study the religion of Islam, it feels like you’re learning how to live life as human beings,” said Michele, another thing that answers all the anxiety Michele is memberkan charity or prayer requests.

From start to convert to Islam until now, 12 years Michele has embraced Islam. Mothers who are blessed with three children and worked as a first-grade teacher in North Carolina states that Islam has brought a distinct change for him.

“It’s hard to explain with words about the difference that I experienced after converting to Islam. I felt peace in Islam, is extraordinary. I have a direct relationship with Allah, “says Michele.

“But the biggest difference is the time to read Al-Quran. Al-Quran contains instructions and advice, if you have any questions there are answers in the Quran. (Oi)


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