Mrs. Heather Ramaha of the U.S. became Muslim after the WTC the mosque Manoa Hawaii

Ramaha, standing among a group of women in the mosque Manoa, Hawaii, who pledged Creed in Arabic. He testified take it there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of God.

Some managers of mosques across the country say they witnessed an increase of people who converted to Islam to four times. The increase has actually occurred since the September 11 tragedy occurred, when stories about Islam jumped, originally from the backyard to the front pages around the world.

Ramaha now entering his Islamic faith in his life as a Navy staff (AL) United States (U.S.) in Pearl Harbor began in July 2002. He does not wear the hijab while working as a dental hygienist, but he admitted that he would wear hair coverings when entering the mosque.

In the early days of Islam, when her husband, a Marine, stationed away, he admitted that he has been unable to perform the five daily prayers in Arabic reading in full, without the help of her husband. But the one that makes Islam convenient for him because he could practice the belief that according to his ability, do not demand perfection when he was still learn them one by one.

Heather’s husband, Mike is a Palestinian man who was born a Muslim and raised in San Francisco. But, that’s no reason that made her turn to Islam. “Mike never even made me embrace Islam,” said 33-year-old woman. “He said, if you want to do it, you alone must find out, but whatever your choice, I would still love you,” said Heather.

After embracing Islam, following Heather step is to find a way to explain his faith to his family in California. He realized, almost all information about Islam comes from the movies on TV, one of which he remembers, entitled “Not Without My Daughter”. The film tells the story of an American woman, the husband of Iranian origin who continue to persecute and fight for their children.

“Previously I could not find a way to tell them without making angry,” he said. “I was in the beginning have not been able to tell my father. I said I went to the mosque, but has not said if I had converted to Islam,” recalls Heather.

Sometimes he was asked why he chose that religion is seen some people hit a woman. Answering these types of questions, he said people often confuse religion with their cultural traditions. “Great in the U.S., the Islamic faith do not mix with the culture like in the Middle East for example,” he said.

Heather is the first in the family joined the church. At age 5 he was friends with a pastor’s daughter, then a Christian followers. The whole family joined him later.

Up to now she still diligently go to church. But Heather, he claimed to always strive to understand the Christian view of Holy Trinity. Finally in March 2001 he took a world religions class online from the University of California.

“I have been a Christian for 18 years,” I’m Heather .. “But I found many holes in that religion. (Islam) would open up so many ideas of truth. I feel in my heart this is the right religion for me,” he said.

As a next step, he took an introductory class on Islam in Hawai’i after the September 11 tragedy. He began to read the Qur’an and find some sort of ‘click’ in his heart. He also converted to Islam shortly after that.

“I always felt something was pulling me out there, if I did not follow, it arises the void,” he said. “The only thing that makes me complete when I have a religion, one God to worship me, where I can pray to Him.”

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