Steven Gets guidance of Chinese and Islam

this Chinese guy did not expect her hatred of Muslims embrace Islam to bear fruit. In his eyes at that time, Muslims are nothing more than a group that gave him and his family a bitter experience.

Steven was angry and determined to reciprocate. He studied Islamic philosophy, understand the ins and outs of that religion, and debating with anyone who is a Muslim. Until finally, Steven discovered the truth of all he had learned.

Steven berislam 11 years ago, when she was just 19 years. Truth of Islam which led to the religion of God, rather than admiration in anything or anyone. “I learned (Islam), not inspired by anything,” he said.

In fact, he claimed to hate the Muslims at that time. 1998 riots saw as a form of facial imaging which is a predominantly Muslim Indonesia. “It was a bitter experience for Chinese citizens. At that time, I lost several relatives who were killed because massacred. “

A few years before the national crisis, when Steven was sitting in elementary school, his parents sent him to Catholic boarding up late grandmother’s will. A teenager, he followed the teachings of the Catholic seminary to deepen. There, the philosophy of Islam to be one area of science be explored.

Post-traumatic events of 1998, Steven mempertekun pendalamannya of Islamic Philosophy to pay for his anger. “I certainly could not retaliate with violence is a physical war, especially by killing. Because of that, I was determined to beat back their creed, “he growled.

Thus, Steven studied Islam for ‘revenge.’ Blessing pendalamannya, he was always ready and confident to argue with any Muslim who met. “Another weakness of Muslims found in those days, when most of them unable to answer fundamental questions about their own religion,” he said with concern.

Steven continues to equip themselves. He continued to study, until finally know that the true teachings of Islam. Muslim hatred he had felt did not prevent him to accept the truth of Islam.

“All who taught Islam properly. Seeing the Muslims who do not behave well, I see it as a mistake that comes from them. They do not behave according to Islamic teachings, “he said.

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