Sister Jennah’s Journey to Islam

I’m a revert to Islam and I believe I was always a Muslim, I only needed to find my path. I was born, after all, with ‘fitrah’ (innate nature) and so it was natural for me to eventually find Islam if I could see the light of truth, which I did.

Assalaamu Álaykum

My Islamic name is Jennah and I am a Muslim.

My spiritual journey thus far has been a challenge but also very rewarding. My whole life I felt a building towards something until finally discovering Islam. The more I found out about Islam the more I knew I had found my path.

I was introduced to Islam while playing an on-line game over the net. I met a young Muslim man, from England, while playing this game. He was the first Muslim I had ever met in my life. I was so impressed by how polite and helpful he was. I was curious so I asked questions about his faith. He was very resourceful and he encouraged me to learn more. He provided me with links and audio and video files. He was always very kind and positive about my study.

To start I read about all the various Muslim sects. I bought/borrowed one book after another as I could not seem to quench my thirst for knowledge of Islam. I also read all about the Prophet (PBUH). I read about the caliphs and the 14 infallibles. I spent time reading the history of Arabia, the tribes, the battles. I started an on-line Islamic study course. I absorbed as much as I could as often as I could.

My life began to change…I had an epiphany when I purchased my first English translated Qur’an. When I looked down at the Qur’an, time seemed to stand still; as I recalled a recurring dream I had my whole life. In the dream I’m reaching out for a large old book resting open on a table. When I reach the book I cannot read the pages and something seemed to always be pulling me back. The dream always left me frustrated. However, on this day when I looked down at the Qur’an I realized that the book I had dreamt about my whole life was the book I held in my hands and I knew this was a sign from the creator.

I became very focused. I knew I was on the verge of becoming a Muslim but the decision was difficult it was a complete changing of my life and for the non-Muslims in my life. After much contemplation and spiritual guidance I preformed my shahada at home.

Once I was a Muslim I knew that I was not only to submit to Allah(swt) but I must also give back to Islam in as many ways as possible. The more of Allah (swt) I found in my heart, the more life began to change for me and my involvement with Islam. New people were coming into my life and they were filled with hope for Islam as I was. I worked/work on Islamic web-sties doing web and graphic design and various art jobs . I am an artist so I have taken some study in Islamic artwork and I have begun to create series of artwork that Inshallah will help bring attention to Islam.

I study Islam as much as I can so that I can better articulate my views on the subject. I have even begun to try to learn to speak the Arabic language.

‘Baseerah’ is knowledge. So the caller is certain to face those who are scholars of misguidance, those who will attack him with doubts and futile arguments in order to rebut the truth.
Allah, the most high says:
and argue with them in a way that is better.
(soorah an-Nahl 16:125]

When researching I did not find a lot of sites that fit all of my needs as a revert. I wanted a place where I could find it all in one. This is when I began to think about creating ‘ ‘’. I felt there was a need for an uplifting and encouraging and resourceful site for new reverts. A place to learn the truth about Isalm in a comfortable setting. A place where you can learn the fundamentals of Islam, to learn how to pray, to live as a Muslim should live on a daily basis.

InshaAllah I will continue to meet the needs of reverts to Islam.

I do my best to be a good Muslim, a good human being. I do my best to give back as Allah(swt) has given me so much in my life. My goal is to work for Islam as much as possible in an effort to bring unity and understanding.

Wa alaikum assalam wa rahmatu Allahi Wa Barakatoh

Sister Jennah

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