Ex- Christian Amand’s Revert Story

I converted to Islam 5 years ago and I have felt like a different person ever since. I grew up Christian.

My mother and my father are very religious but I never felt the same way I supposed. I knew that one day I would not be Christian anymore because it just never felt right in my heart. I was 18 when I met my husband I am now 27.

We have a beautiful daughter who is 3 years old, and another is on the way, insyaALLAH we are very blessed.

When I converted to ISLAM it was very hard for my family in a way that they were upset with my husband because they felt like he had changed me but it was the very opposite. He introduced me to this wonderful religion and ever since then I am always learning and I can’t wait to teach my daughter and the coming baby everything abou ISLAM.

My husband would have married me as a Christian that was’nt a concern.

I am just so thankful that ALLAH brought him into my life for he changed me forever.

Now, my father & my mother have changed their view about my husband 100%. They can see how happy we are and they love my husband like he is their own son and they finally accept my love for Islam.

Life just does’nt get better than this.

Thanks to ALLAH.


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