How to avoid doing sin!

When we realise that the pleasure of Allah is greater than our own pleasure then we can begin to stay away from sin and work towards good and righteousness. Insha’Allah,  the nicest thing you can say and do for someone is “I will pray for you.” SubhanAllah & Insha’Allah!

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Happy Muslim Family in the US: An American Dream?

Challenges Facing Muslim Families in the US

We often dream after completing our education to get happily married and build a strong, loving Muslim family.

However, the reality often hits us with many new challenges, especially if we choose to build this family in a non-Muslim country.

Muslim Families living in the US are often faced with many challenges, both “within the Muslim-community” and in dealing with the “outside Muslim-community.”

The Muslim community in many parts of the US is still battling establishment; this is often apparent in the quantity and quality of Islamic activities provided both for the adults and their offspring and in the oftentimes ethnic grouping, leaving many outside the community or being involved but experiencing isolated feelings.

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Spanish Converted Muslim: Islam gives women more rights than Christianity

«Islam gave me the right, in which I was denied in Christianity. Such as personal freedom, economic rights, the right to represent their interests in court, the right to education, to employment and sex, “– says Rodriguez.
Spanish Converted Muslim: Islam gives women more rights than Christianity 

Christianity restricts the rights of women, says a Spanish convert, who claims Islam is empowering women more. Laura Rodriguez, the President of Union of Muslim Women, focusses mostly on the rights of immigrant women in Spain

Women have more rights in Islam than in Catholicism, a Spanish Muslim convert told a group of visiting Turkish journalists last week (2010/04/01).

Born a Catholic and educated in Catholic schools, Laura Rodriguez converted to Islam and now represents Spanish Muslim women. She believes that Catholicism restricts women’s rights.

“Islam gave me the rights not given by Catholicism, like individual liberty, legal rights, the right to education, the right to employment and the right to sexuality,” said Rodriguez, the president of the Muslim Women’s Union in Spain.

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Irish American teacher’s Journey to Islam

“I was teaching hundreds of children about Catholicism. That’s why I find it such a miracle that I converted to Islam.”!


Continuing our journey of discovery of Islam in America has brought us to New Brunswick, New Jersey, to one of the halal restaurants here,alhamdulellah, which we find here in America, and with one of our sisters in Islam, sister Cheryl Dacey.


Sister Cheryl:

Walaikum Assalam.


Welcome to the program.

So please just give us a little background about yourself. And tell the viewers how you became Muslim?

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Canadian girl Tanya’s Journey to Islam

I can say my life before Islam was very sporadic, with not too much grounding, no roots.

Canadian Girl Finds Inner Peace in Islam

 – I lived with my mother. My mother doesn’t have a strong religious background.

She comes from a Christian background. Because of my mother’s and I lack of compatibility, I had to live in the street for a couple of months where I was then found and I was placed into a foster care.

I was in three different foster homes before the last one that became my permanent home where I stayed for six years. During that time I was completely alone. I had no mother, no father and no friends, nothing that I could hold on to, and I think that’s what really opened the doors for me and why I had to start my search because I was alone.

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Diam – Famous French Rapers Converts to Islam

She Converted to Islam in 2010,

One of France’s most famous hip-hop artists has caused quite a stir this month.

Diam’s, a.k.a. Mélanie Georgiades, has recently married and converted to Islam.

She won best French act at the 2006 MTV Europe Music Awards for her albumDans Ma Bulle, as well as several other awards. Diam’s has been involved with Amnesty International and actively speaks out against domestic violence.