American Catholic’s Journey to Islam- How i came to islam? Sadia Haeide

Assalamu Alaikum – السلام عليكم Brothers and Sisters!

I am American revert into Islam. I used to be Catholic.

Reason why I choose Islam is because, I always felt it was true, right, and felt safe with the Quran. When I used to looked at the Bible when I was a kid, and today’s Bible, it’s not all the same.

It’s was very confusing for me, and I didn’t know what to believe. So I went to some book store, to look at books, I picked up the Quran. It blew me away, I saw a bright light that I never seen before, and I had all the chills, but it was a good feeling.

So, I studied in Islam, then did Shahada.

First of all I’d like to thank Allah for blessing me, and inspiring me to become a better person. I am thankful for all the people I have met on my journey, and all the priceless things I have learned.

I reverted to Islam on March 3, 2011.

There is only One God, He alone is the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe! Thanks to God, Glory be to Him and all praise is His, I am stronger in Faith, in peace and contentment, illuminated, consciously aware, inspired, and wiser. I hope for world unity in a society spiraling out control.

I believe that the character of a person goes so much deeper than sight. Truth seeker, researcher, optimistic, loyal, responsible, and open-minded. Determined (giving up is not applicable to me, there’s no such thing as impossibility). Looking forward to meeting people who share my interests.

I love to seek/share knowledge, and learning this beautiful deen (way of life). Islam – a religion of Peace, LOVE, Justice and Tolerance… I know some people in my family didn’t accept me cause I am a revert into Islam, but I don’t pay no mind. I always tell them never judge anyone, only let Allah judge them. Cause no one can judge anyone, but only Allah can. You know I never been as happy in my life, since I ever revert into Islam. “Without Islam I don’t know where I would be today.

My motivation for succeeding academically and succeeding professionally – all that stems from Islam, and I don’t think it’d be there if it weren’t for Islam.” Eventually I hit a moment of truth: my new-found self-fulfilling activism was nothing more than merely embracing a faith called Islam where I could live in peace as a “functional” Muslim.

I bought a beautiful long gown and head cover resembling the Muslim woman’s dress code and I walked down the same streets in “Jersey Shore” in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and neighborhoods where only days earlier I had walked in my shorts, very short dresses, or “elegant” western business attire. Although the people, the faces, and the shops were all the same, one thing was remarkably distinct–I was not–nor was the peace at being a woman I experienced for the very first time.

I felt as if the chains had been broken and I was finally free. I was delighted with the new looks of wonder on people’s faces in place of the looks of a hunter watching his prey I had once sought. Suddenly a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I no longer spent all my time consumed with shopping, makeup, getting my hair done, and working out. Finally, I was free. Of all places, I found my Islam at the heart of what some call “the most scandalous place on earth,” which makes it all the more dear and special.

Today I am still a feminist, but a Muslim feminist, who calls on Muslim women to assume their responsibilities in providing all the support they can for their husbands to be good Muslims. To raise their children as upright Muslims so they may be beacons of light for all humanity once again. To enjoin good–any good–and to forbid evil–any evil.

To speak righteousness and to speak up against all ills. To fight for our right to wear Hijab and to please our Creator whichever way we chose. But just as importantly to carry our experience with Hijab to fellow women who may never have had the chance to understand what wearing Hijab means to us and why do we, so dearly, embrace it.

I couldn’t be happier to shed all my very short dresses in trash and the “glamorous” Western lifestyle to live in peace with my Creator and enjoy living among fellow humans as a worthy person.

It is why I choose to wear Hijab, and why I will die defending my inalienable right to wear it. Today, Hijab is the new symbol of woman’s liberation.

To women who surrender to the ugly stereotype against the Islamic modesty of Hijab, I say: You don’t know what you are missing…



America needs to understand Islam, because this is the one religion that erases from its society the race problem.- Malcolm X

“Without Islam I don’t know where I would be today. motivation for succeeding academically and succeeding professionally – all that stems from Islam, and I don’t think it’d be there if it weren’t for Islam.”


There is a key for everything, and the key to Paradise is to love the poor.” -Hadith The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), as reported by Ibn Umar R.A

Worship and kNowledge while eating haraam is like construction on dung. By Imam Al Ghazali

In God, there is no sorrow or suffering or affliction. If you want to be free of all affliction and suffering, hold fast to God, and turn wholly to Him, and to no one else. Indeed, all your suffering comes from this: that you do not turn toward God and no one else. By Imam Al Ghazali

To completely trust in God is to be like a child who knows deeply that even if he does not call for the mother, the mother is totally aware of his condition and is looking after him. By Imam Al Ghazali

Your true friend is the one who participates in your efforts and for the sake of your gain, is prepared to suffer losses. By Ali RA

❀There comes a point in your life when you realize who matters, who never did, who won’t anymore, and who always will. So don’t worry about the people from your past, there’s a reason why they didn’t make it to your future…

❀ The world has broken heart, but that has leaded me to the path of Allah..

❀ The world made me blind, but that opened eyes for Allah

❀ The world made me deaf, but it opened my ears to hear the words of Allah..

❀ The world made me a slave but that leaded me to be free by following the Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad (saw)

❀ The world made me a sinner, but that made me admit to ask for forgiveness

❀ So all this time I thought the world hated me, proved to be true love, love of Allah

“Obey Allah and Allah will reward you.”

“Fear Allah wherever you may be.” “A bad attitude spoils a good deed just as vinegar spoils honey” By “Muhammad (salAllahu alayhi wasalam)”

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