An Indian Family’s Collective Convert to Islam

Five-member Indian family embraces Islam

whole family — the father, mother, daughter, son and his wife.
“The father named himself Mohammed, the mother Mariam, the daughter Aisha, the son Essa, and his wife Sara.

Essa said he and all family members converted to Islam mainly because they personally feel that God can’t be two or three, Almighty Allah, the Creator can only be One.

Feeling ecstatic that he had been guided to the right path, former protestant Christian James, now Essa, said his whole family embraced Islam after a two-year deep study of the religion, during which they read the translation of the Holy Quran in English and many other books. “I am also a fan of late Ahmed Deedat, Dr Zakir Naik, Yusuf Estes, and many other renowned debaters specialised in comparison of religions.”

Adding, Essa said he faced no difficulty embracing Islam. “Though our relatives back home gave no comments, I am planning to talk to them about the mercy of Islam and how it is the right path to real happiness in life and hereafter.” Alhamdulillah

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