Swedish sister Ellinor Embraced Islam

Assalamu alaikum warahmatulahe wa barakatuh,
Allahu Akbar, 15 year old Swedish Sister Ellinor Embraced Islam and took her Shahada in January 5, @ Guthenburg Mosque, Sweden.
by: Orator Ahmed Al-Mofty
May Allah swt bless & Hedaya All us to straight Path, Ameen

نطقت اليوم السبت الشابة السويدية ألينور ، 15 سنة الشهادتين معلنة بذلك إسلامها وذلك في مسجد يوتيبوري سائلين الله تعالى لها الثبات

Idag läste vår syster Ellinor ,15 år Trosbekännelse i Moskén och valde att bli muslim. Vi Ber till Allah att Välsigna vår syster…Ameen

http://www.goteborgsmoske.se/, http://www.islaminfo.se/

A guide for the new Muslims

12799_islamconverts.wordpress.com_nThis is a gift for all the new Muslims who currently know the right path to Allah. This is a means to strength and preserve their belief. In this book Sheikh Jamaal al-Din Zarabozo shows the fruits of becoming …a Muslim, the excellent features of Islam and all aspects of Islam. Sheikh Jamaal illustrates the pillars of faith on which one’s belief is based and the pillars of Islam which contain the best practical deeds (e.g. prayer) and the best deeds of the heart i.e. the monotheism. As Islam is a social religion, Sheikh explains the Muslim’s behavior towards all individuals in the society, old or young, whether they embrace Islam or not. Continue reading “A guide for the new Muslims”

The Ex-Hindu Brother Who Converted more then 108,000 People To Islam


[The Ex-Hindu Brother Who Converted more then108,000 People To Islam]

MATLI: Such are Deen Mohammad Shaikh’s powers of persuasion that he has converted 108,000 people to Islam since 1989, the year he left his birth religion Hinduism behind.

His multi-coloured business card describes the Matli dweller as the president of the Jamia Masjid Allah Wali and Madrassa (Islamic Quran learning center) Aisha Taleem-ul Quran – an institute for conversions to Islam.

The reedy 70-year-old brandishes an embellished cane. A red-and-white keffeiyah perched on his shoulder offers people a hint to his theological leanings.

As he speaks to The Express Tribune, his arm slices an invisible arc through the air. He is gesturing to a vast expanse of nine acres of donated land where converts are invited to pitch a tent and stay. “My heartfelt wish is that the entire world becomes Muslim,” comes his response, when asked about the en masse conversions. His piety is matched only by its ambition.

But contrary to the grandiose proclamation, this preacher isn’t a repository of rehearsed sound bites. It is only after he settles down on a charpoy that he deigns to embark on the journey of a Hindu named Jhangli who became an expert in evangelism.

“I always loved Islam,” he begins. “I read the Holy Quran and realised that 360 gods were not of any use to me.”

At first he had to study the Holy Quran in secret. There was the risk of being misunderstood if a Muslim caught him with the holy book. He started fasting and in fact he would begin a day before Ramazan started.

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American Military officer Embraced Islam


An American military officer (US Marine Corps) James Grant, (Now Mohammad Asif) from the American state of Tennessee, has embraced Islam in the Watapur district of eastern Kunar province, Afghanistan after reading books on Islam for the last seven months at a coalition camp in the town.

He said he had consulted his wife before the conversion. “She did not oppose my conversion. I would preach Islam to my family first, and then to others,” the father of two children said.
Grant proclaimed “Kalma-i-Shahadat in front of a crowd of Afghan and foreign military officers through an imam with the Afghan military named Hamidullah.