Swedish sister Ellinor Embraced Islam

Assalamu alaikum warahmatulahe wa barakatuh,
Allahu Akbar, 15 year old Swedish Sister Ellinor Embraced Islam and took her Shahada in January 5, @ Guthenburg Mosque, Sweden.
by: Orator Ahmed Al-Mofty
May Allah swt bless & Hedaya All us to straight Path, Ameen

نطقت اليوم السبت الشابة السويدية ألينور ، 15 سنة الشهادتين معلنة بذلك إسلامها وذلك في مسجد يوتيبوري سائلين الله تعالى لها الثبات

Idag läste vår syster Ellinor ,15 år Trosbekännelse i Moskén och valde att bli muslim. Vi Ber till Allah att Välsigna vår syster…Ameen

http://www.goteborgsmoske.se/, http://www.islaminfo.se/



  1. Its always great to see some one converting to Islam.Ellinor recent conversion to Islam is a good sign for us.We all have to set example and let non-Muslims convert to Islam


  2. I congratulate Sister Ellinor for her decision.I wish her to study hard on Islam and obviously she will get something of benefit not only in this world but also in a new life which we all gonna have in future.That is the time we shall stand before Almighty God on the day of judgement.
    In peace


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