Brother Stanton Lord Johnson’s Journey to Islam
1.Muslim Women: Assalamu Alaikum Brother, Jazakallahuhaira for the participation..
First of all Give us a brief introduction of you.

Brother – Assalamu’alaykum Family, my name is Stanton Lord Johnson and I am a 28 year old male originally from Chicago Illinois. I am the youngest of five children and a graduate of Avila University in Kansas City, MO. I received my degree in Social Work and Plan on getting my Masters in Administration. Other than that I am a person of values and commitment to family, and I enjoy writing, laughing, and growing.

2. Muslim women – What attracted you towards Islam?

Brother – What attracted me to Islam without sharing a 1000 words was one word alone Submission. I simply woke up one morning and stared at my inner self and realized that I no longer wanted to wear a diamond earring. I would say three to five months later I had no intention to wear an earring and it hit me! What if I could make more positive changes in my life that would affect my understanding and would allow me to become a better man. Well I had the meaning of the Holy Quran and I flip through the pages and the word Submission was my answer! Alhamdulilah, from that moment I knew that Islam was the only path to take on this journey in becoming Submissive to the one true Creator. That creators name is no other than ALLAH!!

3.Muslim Women – What types of reactions you got from your family, friends and coworkers once you are converted?

Brother – Once I transitioned or converted to Islam my parents were somewhat shocked because I informed them that I was going on a job interview and in reality I was going to take Shahada. After, my first month they were both proud of me because they noticed a transformation in my actions. For example, my room was the first thing my mom noticed being cleaner, and exemplifying a more understanding and thankful individual.

4.Muslim Women – How has Islam changed your life?

Brother – Islam, has removed a lot of distractions in my life and it has truly placed me on a path where I understand my goals and I have certain tools such as Salah to get my goals complete. Before Islam I was a person who worried about little things for example when I would go into stores I would have these pre condition thoughts. For example, why are all the white folks staring at me and blah, blah , blah. I still have those thoughts at times, but now I carry a smile/charity and humbleness, and forgiveness in my spirit and it makes me a better example for those who need it. Marsh-Allah, now I am prepared for anything that comes my way and I believe when Allah Blesses me with a Muslim hijab wearing Wife/Queen I will be even more prepared as we give charity and Dawah together! Ameen!

5.Muslim women – What advice would you give to someone who is interested in Islam

Brother – Islam is not just a religion, Islam is everything!!

6. Muslim Women – what is your opinion on the common labels associated with Muslims (“terrorists”, “extremists” , etc.)?

Brother – Simple….we are not Terrorists, and if we are extremists it’s because Allah has really saved many of our lives and I rather be a 180 degree Muslim towards sin than a 360 degree Muslim to sin.

7.Muslim Women – What is your aim?

Brother – My aim is take each day like its my last and to enjoy the blessings as well as the challenges that come my way and to continually place Allah before all things. I do not want to become a seasonal Muslim….I forever want to be a tested Muslim who passes those test because of the faith and action I send forward and that ALLAH protects or rejects.

(continued via Muslim women fb page)


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