Sister Jessica Muslimah shares her journey to Islam

1- Assalamu alaikum sister , jazakallahu hairan for the participation . First of all we would like to know about you

Sis Jessica :I’m a 26 yo Australian sister. I was born and raised in a catholic home and attended a catholic school.
… I hold a Bachelors degree and a senior position within government. I reverted to Islam on May 5 2012 alhamdulilah.

2- What made Islam special to you ? what attracted you towards Islam the religion of peace ?

sis Jessica :I first started reading about Islam in order to win a religious debate with my Muslim friend. He was quite strict in the deen and used to give me dawah, but to be honest I couldn’t get past my opinion that Muslim women were oppressed and that the only reason the hijab existed was because Muslim men couldn’t control themselves! Oh dear…

So I secretly borrowed some books on Islam and started reading. Before long it became an addiction, and I found myself spending hours each day reading and learning. I’m not sure what it was, but the more I read, everything just made sense. Before long our debates turned into me agreeing with my friend and actually telling him things about Islam.

A few points stick in my mind that I would like to mention:
• The hijab – I started reading about why as muslimah’s the hijab is obligatory on us. I was so amazed at what I read. Not only was I completely wrong, I started to admire hijabi girls when I used to see them and think how truly beautiful they were for following what Allah SWT has decreed, regardless of what everyone thinks.
• Proofs in the Quran – this is what 100% changed my mind about Islam. I started reading about things in the Quran that are today being proved by science. SUBHAN’ALLAH. There was no doubt in my mind that the Quran was the word of God, and in fact I started believing in the Quran about 2 months before I became a Muslim.
• I spent time with practicing Muslim sisters – this point was crucial. If not for the amazing sisters I met, I would not have reverted. They put my mind at ease and meeting real life Muslims really made me see Islam for what it is, and not what the media says it is.

3- How did your family , friends and colleagues react once you converted to ISLAM ?

Sis Jessica :Subhan’Allah. My work and friends have been super supportive. My family think I became Muslim only to impress my Muslim friend so he would like me. Insha’Allah I can show them that this is all for me and Allah, but that will take time.

4- How has islam changed your life ? how do you actually feel now ?

Sis Jessica :My life before Islam was in a sense, out of control. I don’t want to disclose past sins, but I was only catholic by name. I always knew God existed, but I had no connection with him, and to be honest I thought because I didn’t steal, I was a kind person etc that I would make it to heaven! How selfish of me. I didn’t think I had to do anything, worship god, pray…

After 6 months of being Muslim I now have a purpose in life. I have structure, direction and routine. I pray 5 times a day. I attend classes. I surround myself with practicing sisters. I have so many friends, my social life is through the roof subhan’Allah.

I feel truly blessed to have been guided to Islam and to not be wasting any more of my life on this dunya. I feel like I am a better person. I’m more patient, seldom lose my temper, and I am insha’allah making small changes as I learn more and more about Islam.

5- What advice would you give to someone who is interested in Islam ?

Sis Jessica :Read. Research. Talk to sisters or brothers. Put aside your prejudices and go in with an open mind.
If you find yourself believing in one God and Muhammad as the final Prophet, don’t delay in saying shahada. No matter how scared we are, how worried about all the things to learn, Allah is always there for us and He will not desert you when you need Him most.

6- what is your opinion on the common labels associated with Muslims (“terrorists”, “extremists” , etc.)?

Sis Jessica :I get really disappointed when I hear the media label us as extremists or terrorists. Any educated person who has actually spent time with a practicing Muslim can see right through these lies and propaganda. People are scared of Islam. Why? Because they know its the truth and its taking over. It’s no surprise that well educated people from the west are converting in large numbers, especially women.

7 – What is your aim?
Sis Jessica :To get to JANNAH insha’allah!

I want to find a pious spouse, raise a Muslim family and spread the beauty that is Islam. I am so blessed to be Muslim and I want that for everyone insha’allah.

Admin : Jazakallahu hairan sister Jessica , May Allah bless you always !! may he strengthen your ieemaan !! 🙂 amein !!


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