Ex-Italian Roman Catholic Danielle M. Korzecki’s Journey to Islam


Assalam Alaikum, My name is Aliyah Wahajah Korzecki, my birth name, Danielle M. Korzecki.
I converted to Islam on December 24th, 2012. I, like many other  reverted Muslims face many issues since I have reverted to Islam, but by one, Allah (SWT) helps me work out each one.
Alhamdulillah! I believe that I was searching my whole life for Islam…..I was born and raised as a Roman Catholic in a Italian/Polish American home. It was very strict and my faith almost seemed systematic, almost routine.

I was never to ask WHY, I was just told to learn and accept the faith, the prayers.

I wasn’t even encouraged to read their holy scriptures in their bible, only the leader, the priest was allowed. As you can imagine, after I became an adult, it didn’t settle well inside my spirit.
I was first told about Islam when I was in my 20’s by someone that I dated for a long time and he used to work at a prison as a Law Librarian. The Muslim inmates he befriended used to give him Islamic literature and had long extensive talks about Islam. I asked him questions to ask them, and he’d come back with the answers. Around the same time in my life, I even met someone on my own who invited me to the mosque in Philadelphia, about an hour away from where I lived, but I never went. For some reason, I don’t feel the maturity and seriousness of my faith was there yet. I always think back to those days and wonder why I didn’t say the shahada and give the rest to Allah (SWT.) My boyfriend at the time didn’t convert because he said that he, “Didn’t think he could commit himself to Islam.” He did smoke cigarettes and drink and cuss. He was lost and so was I at the time.

In 1998, I accepted Christianity into my life after a major life turning event, and realized that I needed God in my life and couldn’t do it alone. Now, God for them was Christ. As they say, “I was Saved. I accepted Christ into my heart.” I was also baptized a few years later as a sign of my rebirth in faith. I was very serious about my faith, and from that point on, I didn’t swear much, I no longer would ever drink, if I ever did. I didn’t smoke..because I never did… My life did change since I no longer desired the world anymore, I just wanted my world to be God. There I did find peace. But something was still missing in my faith. The doctrine didn’t seem right, I felt like a lot of what I was taught to believe in doctrine, was inconsistent with what the bible taught. For example, the trinity, Jesus being God, and the numerous inconsistencies in scriptures from the bible, the reversions and mistakes found in the bible. Over time and over the years more and more of what I was taught and discovered, didn’t connect.

I always wondered what Jesus did from ages 12-32. Not mentioned in their bible. It was not whole, not complete for me and I was still seeking the truth, the complete faith that Islam would soon offer me.

The last part in the end that did it for me before I reverted to Islam, was how I discovered how much Christianity changes, not just the scriptures, but the message, and how it continuously changes, how much it is being watered down and diluted.

I saw no unity amongst Christians, sermons that sounded like motiviational speaking with the rock star on stage acting as a pastor, and the faith had sold it’s soul to commercialism and advertisement and lost the true meaning altogether. I also discovered all the paganism found in just about every they do, holidays, actions, I knew then that this is not of Allah (SWT.) I searched and saw what Allah (SWT) was showing me. An answer to my prayers.
Last year I stopped going to church, I would read my Quran a little more often, watch videos on the computer about Islam and the Deen, not even realizing that Allah (SWT) was calling me towards Islam.
I started to study Islam more and more and realized that this is a PERFECT FAITH. Praying, the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) examples of how we should live, how everything is done and said in Arabic to keep the faith from ever changing, the originality of the Quran..there still being 3 original copies of the the original Quran…not one teaching or line of the Quran has ever changed it 1400 years, everything that is done, is done for a reason and traces back to the teaches of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and how he was instructed by Allah. So much detail of how everything was recorded back then of the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) life and how he lived such a beautiful life of an example of what Allah (SWT) wants of us, and how Allah (SWT) wants us to live as Muslims. Eventually, I could feel Allah (PBUH) pull me so strong towards him.

It’s unlike anything I ever felt in my life. I just KNEW he wanted me to become a Muslim. And his unconditional love for me. I was googling how to become a Muslim and found a website where I found information about converting to Islam. I was on a live chat with a man from Egypt, and he called me and helped me say the Shahada. Alhamdulillah!!!! That was on the afternoon of December 24, 2012.
What I love about Islam and have discovered is there is such love and unity. There is no prejudice and everyone is equal. I was also surprised to know the rights that women have in Islam. I thought women were treated beneath a man and not treated fairly. I see that women have MANY rights in Islam and that they just don’t choose to keep up with the women of the west and choose to fulfill their traditional roles as Allah (SWT) has intended them to be, so we each do our part in the marriage, so it works…the way Allah (SWT) always intended it to be. I think women in the west, do too much. We want everything! We want to be wives, mothers, career women, and wear many hats representing so many roles, but we have to realize that maybe this is why we are so stressed out too! And maybe this is why our marriages fall apart too here in America so often. It’s like a chain effect…We’re not happy, therefore, our husbands aren’t getting the attention they deserve. After all, our husbands take credit for our happiness! So when we aren’t happy, they look elsewhere to make someone else happy. It’s sad, but that is the reality of what is going on today.

The one thing that I struggle with now is wearing the hijab.Do I want to wear it? Do I not? I know the Quran says I must, Allah (SWT) tells us women to wear it to cover ourselves and keep our beauty hidden from the world, for only our husbands to see. To keep men from looking at us and sinning and thinking lustful thoughts. Yes, even a hairstyle will do that believe it or not! I was born an American and Islam is new to the west. But I am praying in that direction, to eventually wear the hijab all the time and be obedient. So if anyone struggles with that, you are not alone. I think if we pray about it though, Allah (SWT) will work on our hearts to do the right thing and be obedient to him.
Everyday since last December 24th has been a blessing from Allah (SWT.) I can’t begin to describe the peace I’ve had and have in my heart, how much I’ve learned, the wonderful Muslims I’ve met and how much heart thirsts and can’t get enough of information and learning. I’ve learned that I have to pace myself so I don’t get burned out 🙂 The more that time goes on, the more I realize how much my prayers have been answered, and to see how long ago that seed was planted for Allah (SWT) to water, to see my spirit grow all these years towards Islam. I believe that reverting to Islam was the best decision and best correct decision I’ve ever made in my life here on this earth! Praise Be To Allah!


Show someone the true path, instead of judging him/her! In sha Allah

Most of us would quickly judge that this is the last person who may accept Islam, but subhanallah, with nearly every inch of his body covered with tattoos, this did not stop Eman from entering his heart! Allah guides whom He wants, but first, we have to do our job by showing people the path, without judging or excluding ANY person!


Ex- Tatto Artist Converts to Islam


Shaykh Abdullah Takazawa from Japan, was previously a tattoo artist for the Yakuza (Japanese Mafia), but when Allah blessed him with Islam through the Daa’wa of a foreign brother, he traveled to Saudi to make Hajj, then was offered a scholarship to seek knowledge there, where he stayed for several years. He came back to become an Imam in Tokyo. Masha’Allah, a very, very humble brother! Proves again, you should never exclude ANYONE from Daa’wa!

Japanese sister Khalida Nakamura ex-boxer embraced Islam

Sister Khalida Nakamura from Japan, was previously a world class boxer, who only lost 1 game in her career, and won a third of her games by knockout, but after Allah guided her to Islam, she quit boxing at the height of her fame, and is now… using that fame to teach about Islam on a Japanese TV!O Allah, keep her on the right path, give her success and Ikhlas in her Daawa, and give us the high dedication that new Muslims bring into Islam!

Ameen,  In sha Allah

South Korean Shaykh Sulaiman Lee Haeng-lae

From South Korea, meet Shaykh Sulaiman Lee Haeng-lae, who accepted Islam in 1961, went to study in Saudi, and came back to be the Imam and Scholar of Seoul for over 20 years. He is 76 years old.

Masha’Allah, the Shaykh once gave a lecture about Islam to Korean soldiers, where 37 of them accepted Islam on the spot! Eventually, they were banned from speaking to the media for obvious reasons, but today, Korea has a growing community of 120,000 Muslims (40K Natives, 80K Immigrants), may Allah increase them in quantity and quality!

Why did Jad A Jewish boy accepted Islam!!??


The Beginning

Somewhere in France about 50 years ago there was a 50 year old Turkish man, named Ibrahim, who worked in a grocery store. . . This store was located in a building where a Jewish family lived in one of its apartments. The Jewish family had a seven year old son named Jad.

The Child Jad used to go to uncle Ibrahim’s shop everyday to buy necessities for his house. Every time on his way out Jad used to sneak out and steal a piece of chocolate. One day Jad forgot to steal a piece of chocolate. While he was leaving the store uncle Ibrahim called out his name and reminded him to take a piece like he usually did! Jad was extremely shocked because he thought that uncle Ibrahim did not know about his daily theft. He asked uncle Ibrahim to forgive him and made a promise that he would not steal anymore chocolate next time. Continue reading →