Knowing Who Built the Kaabah Led Me To Islam


I took my Shahadah in 2010, so I’m practically the newest kid on the block around here.

It’s the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.

… I was reading the Bible on Thanksgiving of 2010 over the phone with a friend, and I read a couple of books on the Bible that I started asking questions, then I started asking about different religions, and after that I asked about Islam, and I started doing more research about other religions, and I canceled most of the out.

Then I started researching about the history of the Quran, I googled it, and then I was intrigued that the Book was intact for 14 hundred years, and one thing led to another and I kept on searching.

But my turning point was when I found out about the history of the Kaabah. I was raised catholic, I went to catholic schools for 8 years, and I was never told that the Kaabah was built by Prophet Abraham, (peace be upon him) and Prophet Ishmael (peace be upon him). And when I found out that the Kaabah was built by them, I was really upset. I felt like I was lied to from the Catholic Church, why they kept this away from me.

Before that, growing up in a Catholic school, I never ever believed in original sin, that was something I just did not believe in, and I questioned statues, I just did not understand that: on the one hand they teach the Ten Commandments, and on the other hand they had statues, so it just didn’t make any sense. And when I read the Quran, I found Quran Explorer, and I listened to the Quran in Arabic, and in English, and a week later I took my Shahadah in front of my computer, and then a month later I did it officially in the masjid.


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