From Hinduism to Islam, Surabhi Singh


An amazing journey of Sister Surabhi Singh to Islam. She is brave as she decided to tell her story , fully knowing that there could be a hostile reaction from her near ones or society. She still wants to tell her story so that our brothers and sisters can learn and thank Allah to be born as a Muslim. Whereas those not yet Muslim brothers and sisters can seek some inspiration from a brave journey of awakening of her soul and mind. Read her story in her own words

My name is Surabhi Singh, now Saffiyah Subeerah, 27 years old single female living in New Delhi, India and working as a professional in a Delhi based company. I was born and raised as a Hindu in a nice and loving upper middle class family
when I was 19 years old, Islam touched my life for the first time via internet. I started studying about Islam, not to revert but from academic point of view, to gain spiritual knowledge just like I did for other religions like Buddhism, Jainism I started readings books on Islam, its inner aspect and I was quite happy to see that it made perfect sense and had whatever I needed for leading a peaceful and happy life. Islam had everything for me, complete submission to one and only Allah, the creator, promoting equality in all humans without discriminating on the basis of race, color, nationalities, class of sex. These teachings of Islam was most important for me and it won over my soul and then my quest for Islam started increasing, it was like I am seeking Islam and Islam seeking me. It was like Allah wants to embrace me and I want to embrace Allah, time was passing and Islam was slowly and slowly entering my heart and soul. I never looked back again and keeping getting immersed in Islam. I bought myself a copy of Qur’an and started reading. Later my devotion to Islam was going north even without reverting I started praying and Fasting during Ramadan. I started questioning myself what I really want in life and what was the purpose of life, do I want to be a Muslim and revert to Islam? or I would stop there, but I was feeling that I am more compatible to Islam, I can lead a very progressive and peaceful life as a Muslim .Than Finally after a long years of yes and no, I decided that I will embrace Islam and I would submit myself to Allah without any hope of reward and Allah will be most important one in my life above any one …So I decided to take shahadah without any further delay
After Ramadan I decided to revert to Islam but I wanted to chose a specific day though I knew I will always remember the day of my reversion so I chose my date of birth to revert.
Reaction of parents/friends
I have kept my reversion secret as of now with my parents, some of my friends knew but they don’t seem to have changed, they are behaving same with me before my reversion.
There has been great positive response from the Muslim community, I am getting all sort of help regarding my queries, confusions and also regularly updating me regarding Islam as a new Muslim without asking, I am over whelmed the kind of help I am getting …In Sha Allah I am very happy and hope to get this kind of help in future as well
Future plans.
I wish to follow Islam truly and submit to Allah and strengthen my Imaan, I would like to interact with more people and seek knowledge from them. I seek more knowledge and guidance from Allah and from my Muslims Brothers and sisters in near future and later I don’t know what Allah has stored for me, maybe get married to a nice Muslims man who can help me and be my partner in leading a life as per Qur’an and Sunnah of prophet.
I would like to add for my born Muslim brother and Sisters, that they realize that Allah had given them a privilege to be born as a Muslim and hope they forget it not and do not take that gift from Allah as granted. Ask me or any other revert to Islam who were born in non-Muslim families and had to face challenges and dilemmas just to get what you already have since birth, the truth and Guidance of Allah and the holy Qur’an and the knowledge that comes from it. Let us all be Thankful to Allah for guiding us….Alhamdulillah!!!

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