Former Radical feminist accept islam


A former radical feminist and Southern Baptist , She Started reading Quran to Prove Muslim how they are wrong,to save them from fire of Hell for not accepting Jesus.


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This American lady, a former radical feminist and Southern Baptist from Oklahoma, studied the Quran, Sahih Muslim and fifteen other books on Islam in an attempt to convert the Arabs in her college class to Christianity and “save those poor ignorant heathens from the fires of hell.” But guess what happened!

The Introduction and Decision Continue reading “Former Radical feminist accept islam”

6 Great Converts To Islam

Barmakid Family (600s-900s)

The Barmakids were a family of Buddhist administrators from the city of Balkh, in what is now Afghanistan. When the Umayyad Caliphate conquered the area in the the mid-600s, the family converted to Islam. After the Abbasid Revolution in 750, the Barmakids rose to prominence as talented administrators. They carried with them centuries of experience in the Persian Empire of how to manage large government bureaucracies, something the Arab Abbasid caliphs were ignorant of. Continue reading “6 Great Converts To Islam”

Chinese sister Nora’s Journey to Islam


Journey of Sister Nora, who was born in a Chinese ethnic family and how she found answers to her question, how she found the peace and solace and how she accepted Islam.

Aslam AleKum Brothers and Sisters

My name is Nora Jasmine, 29 years old born in Singapore in a ethnic Chinese family. I used to be a free thinker before I got to know Islam. Growing up in a multiracial country means you have friends from different religions n walks of life.. Hence, I have attended many church masses and Chinese temple fund raising dinners and lots of other things, just to find answers to my Question and just to find a connect to God but none could touch my heart and answer my doubts at who is God and what is our purpose in this life.

. As time went by, just like many others, by the time I hit my 20s, I merely swept it off my mind and indulged and concentrated on the materialistic life like having more money and nothing seems to be enough. I had no idea what was Islam about and had this mindset that it was a strict religion. Continue reading “Chinese sister Nora’s Journey to Islam”