Chinese sister Nora’s Journey to Islam


Journey of Sister Nora, who was born in a Chinese ethnic family and how she found answers to her question, how she found the peace and solace and how she accepted Islam.

Aslam AleKum Brothers and Sisters

My name is Nora Jasmine, 29 years old born in Singapore in a ethnic Chinese family. I used to be a free thinker before I got to know Islam. Growing up in a multiracial country means you have friends from different religions n walks of life.. Hence, I have attended many church masses and Chinese temple fund raising dinners and lots of other things, just to find answers to my Question and just to find a connect to God but none could touch my heart and answer my doubts at who is God and what is our purpose in this life.

. As time went by, just like many others, by the time I hit my 20s, I merely swept it off my mind and indulged and concentrated on the materialistic life like having more money and nothing seems to be enough. I had no idea what was Islam about and had this mindset that it was a strict religion.

Till the day I got to know a person(now my fiance) who is a born Muslim, things started to take a turn. . He suggested he wants to refresh on his religion and be back on track and he invited me to attend the basic knowledge of Islam course with him.. In my mind, I was thinking it as just another talk, so why not listen about what exactly is Islam??

We went on for 3 lessons and realized that Islam has answers to my uncertainties! At the end of 10 lessons, I felt peaceful at heart and more conscious about my actions.. A feeling I have never felt before..

People often asked me “Out of so many religions, why Islam?” And commented “You really love your fiance a lot to sacrifice for him”. And I always reply ” Allah brought him into my life for a reason. Alhamdullilah!!!. He is the trigger point that I got to know Islam better. But no, I didn’t choose Islam because I love my fiance so much. It is because Islam provides me the answers to present life, gives me a peaceful mind and makes me a better person.” It was not easy to convince my mother who was really against the idea but In Shaa Allah, I shall follow His guidance and it will be fine.

Alhamdullilah, One and half years later, I announced my Shahadah on 11 May 2013, with my dearest mother and fiance with his parents as well as a couple of close friends to witness this important process of my life. It was the most touching moment when the Imam announced that I’m now forgiven of my past sins by Allah and I’m as pure as a newborn baby.

With a heartfelt of appreciation and flowing tears of joy, I am proud today being a Muslim. I am still learning and each day I thank God that I am guided by the light of truth in this life! Alhamdullilah!

–Nora Jasmine

(May Allah bless sister Nora and her fiance to have happy and blissful wedded life and also In Sha Allah her mother would also accept Islam and be sinless)

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