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How Allah guided my father to Islam?

Masha’Allah, sister J.S from Germany was able to bring her non-Muslim father to Islam after she explained Tafseer Surat Al-Kahf to him, may Allah bless them.
Talk about creativity in Daawah!

This totally took me by surprise, as it’s not a common way to give Daawa, since most people take a very direct approach of talking about the Creator. I hope those who have non-Muslim or non-practicing relatives would be inspired from her creativity after reading this insha’Allah!



US Marine Genessa’s incredibe Journey to Islam

5236584Incredible Journey of Genessa Bingham (now Aisha Imaan), a former Marine corp. Her journey took her from being abused as child to the battlefield of Afghanistan to the night clubs in Las Vegas and to the hospital bed, where she accepted Islam as the one and only religion which gave her solace and meaning to her life. Read her story in her own words.

My name is Genessa Bingham (now Aisha Imaan), I’ve been catholic, Mormon, Christian, and even wiccan. I am 25 years old, female, college student, born andraised in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
As a child I was raised through many religions ranging from Catholicism, Mormonism, all kinds of Christian denominations. Just because I was raised in religious households did not mean that I had an easy road or good upbringing. My mom did all she could to shield me from the physical, emotional and mental abuse that my biological father dished out on a daily basis, but she also had no idea of the sexual abuse I was receiving from my grandfather. Growing up in this situation it was hard to have faith, especially because my dad justified the severe beatings with the “spare the rod spoil the child” praise that he said was in the bible. Continue reading →

British Soldier Converted to Islam


Successful indeed are the believers (Holy Quran, 23:1)

I remember at the age of 20 sitting in a ‘church’, in Germany, in a British Army barracks, drunk around 4am, clearly I remember crying and asking ‘God’ what life was for, what was it about?….I didn’t, at the time know how to ask for forgiveness, I didn’t know what was right and what was wrong. I spent 12 years as a soldier, in numerous places, ignorant to what damage my way of thinking was causing to others. But I could not have been too bad, surely…

I later worked in security services which gave me considerable wealth, working at the highest level. I thought I enjoyed life, but was never really happy, never content, always looking for something, but never knowing what.