How Allah guided my father to Islam?

Masha’Allah, sister J.S from Germany was able to bring her non-Muslim father to Islam after she explained Tafseer Surat Al-Kahf to him, may Allah bless them.
Talk about creativity in Daawah!

This totally took me by surprise, as it’s not a common way to give Daawa, since most people take a very direct approach of talking about the Creator. I hope those who have non-Muslim or non-practicing relatives would be inspired from her creativity after reading this insha’Allah!



US Marine Genessa’s incredibe Journey to Islam

5236584Incredible Journey of Genessa Bingham (now Aisha Imaan), a former Marine corp. Her journey took her from being abused as child to the battlefield of Afghanistan to the night clubs in Las Vegas and to the hospital bed, where she accepted Islam as the one and only religion which gave her solace and meaning to her life. Read her story in her own words.

My name is Genessa Bingham (now Aisha Imaan), I’ve been catholic, Mormon, Christian, and even wiccan. I am 25 years old, female, college student, born andraised in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
As a child I was raised through many religions ranging from Catholicism, Mormonism, all kinds of Christian denominations. Just because I was raised in religious households did not mean that I had an easy road or good upbringing. My mom did all she could to shield me from the physical, emotional and mental abuse that my biological father dished out on a daily basis, but she also had no idea of the sexual abuse I was receiving from my grandfather. Growing up in this situation it was hard to have faith, especially because my dad justified the severe beatings with the “spare the rod spoil the child” praise that he said was in the bible. Continue reading “US Marine Genessa’s incredibe Journey to Islam”

British Soldier Converted to Islam


Successful indeed are the believers (Holy Quran, 23:1)

I remember at the age of 20 sitting in a ‘church’, in Germany, in a British Army barracks, drunk around 4am, clearly I remember crying and asking ‘God’ what life was for, what was it about?….I didn’t, at the time know how to ask for forgiveness, I didn’t know what was right and what was wrong. I spent 12 years as a soldier, in numerous places, ignorant to what damage my way of thinking was causing to others. But I could not have been too bad, surely…

I later worked in security services which gave me considerable wealth, working at the highest level. I thought I enjoyed life, but was never really happy, never content, always looking for something, but never knowing what.


2006: More Jews converting to Islam

529411_10151618914354131_451125658_nNew record: 70 Israeli citizens expected to convert to Islam this year – more than twice the number in previous years. Most are cases of Jewish, Christian women marrying Muslim men

Nurit Palter

Published:07.13.06, 00:20 / Israel News

But the trend took a drastic turn this year, and Interior Ministry data showed that in the first half of 2006 alone 42 conversions were Continue reading “2006: More Jews converting to Islam”

My Ramadan Diary (Part 1) A Dutch Convert Shares His Experience

59Seeing people of different nationalities together is the starting sign of Ramadan.
The imam decided to start the sermon by congratulating us all. “The best month is here,” he said. The mosque was full, as always. This mosque is very popular because the sermon is in Dutch (most of the time), so everybody can understand it.

This is where many converts like me go to. But not just us, it’s a mosque with Moroccans, Turks, Somalia’s, Nigerians, Egyptians, Indonesians, Japanese… It is like you start the Ramadan with the entire Ummah (Muslim community). I love this place.

When the sermon was done, I got into my car and drove to my wife’s workplace. She’s done when I got there, and together, we drove to her family where we ate and discussed our Ramadan plans.

The Tarawih Prayer starts this night, so I stand next to my brother-in-law in line as the imam starts with surat Al-Baqarah. Now I really knew, Ramadan is here! Continue reading “My Ramadan Diary (Part 1) A Dutch Convert Shares His Experience”

Are You Ready For Islaam? -EVOLUTION OF HEAVENS

999668_471922902892845_1480486127_nHaving called modern concepts on the formation of the Universe to mind, reference was made to the evolution that took place, starting with primary nebula through to the formation of galaxies, stars and (for the solar system) the appearance of planets beginning with the Sun at a certain stage of its evolution. Modern data lead us to believe that in the solar system, and more generally in the Universe itself, this evolution is still continuing.

How can anybody who is aware of these ideas fail to make a comparison with certain statements found in the Qur’ân in which the manifestations of divine Omnipotence are referred to.
The Qur’ân reminds us several times that: “(God) subjected the sun and the moon: each one runs its course to an appointed term.”
This sentence is to be found in surah 13, verse 2; surah 31, verse 29; surah 35, verse 13 and surah 39, verse 5. Continue reading “Are You Ready For Islaam? -EVOLUTION OF HEAVENS”

An Open Invitation

invitationI would like to extend an invitation to all. 

It is a simple invitation, but it is the best of invitations.

It is an invitation to ignore what the media has told you, it is an invitation to really and honestly seek the truth, it is an invitation to hear what your creator is telling you.

It is an invitation to Islam. All are welcome, young, old, black, white, Arab, American. It is an invitation to all mankind of all times.

Islam (meaning peace through submission to God) is not a new religion. Each prophet (Moses, Abraham, Jesus, Muhammad peace be upon them) came with the same message: Worship God alone and follow his prophets as the best of examples. This is Islam. Simple.

It is not a culture, it is a way of life.

It is not just for Arabs, only 20% of the world’s Muslim population hail from the Middle East.

The word Allah, is just the word for God in Arabic, and it is a better word than “god” because it can not be plural and its etymology excludes false gods.

Allah is the same creator and sustainer of the universe that sent the ten commandments, Allah is the same God that sent Jesus and allowed him to perform miracles, Allah is the same God that sent all the prophets to guide us to the worship of Him alone without partners.

The purpose of life is to worship Allah alone, that is all. When we do not fulfill our purpose, we feel it missing from our lives. We feel a void and we try to fill it with other worldly things.

We were created to worship Allah. When we don’t do what we were created to do we try to find a substitute. What ever we obsess about, whatever we would do anything for is what we worship, whether it is a person, money, alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping, love, our own desires, or our own limited logic/reason. It is our nature to worship, and we seek it out.

All these wordly thing are created and all these things cannot help us without their creators permission. Allah is in control of all things. You will always be let down by worshiping other than Allah.

Allah sent to us messengers to follow as examples of how best to worship Him, how best to live a life free from harming ourselves and our souls. Allah sent messengers and it is in our nature to follow their example. When we do not follow them we find sad substitutes to follow.We follow celebrities who are destroying themselves. We follow rock stars who fade and become a source of ridicule in a few short years. We follow fashion-istas whose style will be out dated in a few months. We follow public figures, politicians, or scientist who will eventually be disproven or exposed in some way.

None of these people have been given any kind of guidance from their creator. They are a sad substitute for the example of the prophets. They will tell you how to waste your money and how to be cool, but they are only pawns and have themselves been bought and are being sold to you. They will lead you to destruction as they have destroyed themselves.

Islam was sent by Allah to mankind to teach us how He wants us to worship Him.

We can be spiritual but we will not have discipline over our own base nature. Has indulging in a desire ever satisfied? We always want more. More money, more things, more drugs, more sex, more! We end up harming ourselves with disease and addiction because we wanted, wanted, wanted and still end up being empty and unsatisfied.

We can be religious and not know how Allah wants to be worshiped. If your mother asks you to be respectful of her, and you agree, but you do not follow her criterion for respect. Instead your “respect” your mother by never talking to her or by only running to her when you need help, is this real respect? If we do the same thing to Allah, make up a religion and pretend that we give Allah his due as our creator and sustainer by what we concocted in our own minds, will Allah consider it a true religion? Will Allah consider us having given our due respect to Him?

Islam offers spirituality and religion in a way that Allah deems appropriate, AND in a way that is congruent with our nature. Islam brings peace when practiced, when we submit our will to the one who created us.

We can be at peace by not going against our own nature, by worshiping the only one worthy of worship. We can be at peace by following the prophets who give an example of how to Allah wants us to worship him, and give an example of how to minimize the damage to ourselves in this life and the life after death.  We can be at peace by following those guided by Allah. We can be at peace by refusing to follow those who have no guidance other than their own limited reason, their own whims, or pop culture.

Islam is nothing new. The Quran and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) confirm what has come before in the Torah the Injeel (BIble) and has brought the same message that all previous prophets had taught. But the Quran is the only revelation from Allah that has not been changed by man.

Worship your creator without partner, the prophets have showed us how. The example of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the only verifiable record of a prophet’s life that still exists, he is the last prophet. Allah sent Muhammad (PBUH) to bring about the completion of religion in Islam. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the seal of prophets.

Islam still exists today in its original version, unchanged by man.

Everyone has the choice. There is no compulsion in religion. You do not have to worship your creator, but you will worship something that will let you down. You do not have to follow the best of examples, the prophets, but you will follow those who know nothing of truth. You have a choice to learn about Islam and find peace in this life and in the eternity of the hereafter, but you don’t have to. You can have emptiness in this life and punishment in the eternity of the hereafter. This is reality- not because it is what I say, but because it is what Allah says. It makes no difference to me whether you believe or do not. And you will not harm Allah if you disbelieve. Allah is not in need of us, but we are in need of him.

It is up to you. And each person will be judged for their own choices. Allah will not accept the excuse that you followed what you found your parents following or what you found your religious leaders following. It will not be accepted as an excuse that Allah and Islam did not fit into your culture or lifestyle.

To accept this invitation, to become a Muslim who submits his will to the will of his or her creator all you must do is truly believe and say: I bare witness that there is no other God but Allah and that Muhammad is his slave and messenger. (أشهد أن لا إله إلاَّ الله و أشهد أن محمد رسول الله  Ash-Hadu Ina La E-LaHa illa Allah wa Ash-Hadu Ina Mohammad Rasoul Allah -in arabic.)

Then learn about the religion of Islam, learn how Allah wants to save you from harming yourself, learn about how Allah wants us to worship him alone. Learn about your own nature.

May Allah guide all of us.

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9 Lessons from Converting to Islam

This is some amazing advice I wish I would have had when I first converted.

Worth a read especially for converts, but even for born Muslims and non-Muslims to understand what a convert goes through.


1. It Gets Easier

The beginning is always the hardest.  You’ve found the truth, fulfillment, and a sense of peace you never imagined possible.  A handful of people can’t wait to share Islam with their families, but for most of us, breaking the news to parents, grandparents, relatives, and sometimes kids, brings a sense of dread.

This sense of dread has been even more heightened since the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. Many people perceive being a Muslim as the antithesis of being an American, even though Islam teaches us to uphold religious freedom.  To most people Islamic practice embodies the opposite of American values and lifestyles.  Family members may be shocked or even mildly okay at first, but afterfamily it has sunk in, they may be angry, devastated, or cut themselves off from you.  You may never again experience the kind of emotional hurts that you will when you first tell your family that you’ve accepted Islam.  The reality is they are hurting too, and their hurts are justified in their minds, even if they aren’t in yours.

In the beginning many family members will act their worst, making threats and saying hurtful things, but the more you stay calm and continue to be yourself despite your new faith, the more they will cool down and eventually realize they overreacted.  Some people may continue to cut you off, but even those hurts will heal as so many more people continue to love and accept you.  Hang in there, it does get better.

2. No matter how much you explain, they still may not get it Continue reading “9 Lessons from Converting to Islam”

Are You Ready For Islaam? – A beautiful advice to the people of this world


A beautiful advice to the people of this world

Alluring to people is the love of women and sons, and mountains of gold and silver and fine horses and cattle and land. These are the glamours of the life of this world. The hereafter is best in ALLAH’s sight. Should I tell you about something which is better than these things? For those who believe and do right, there wil…l be for them gardens of paradise, beneath which rivers will flow. I give you the good news of being there.

ALLAH has made a trade with the believers that in return for their wealth and their own selves, He will give them a home in His paradise, gardens of happiness beneath which rivers flow, to stay in there forever. A repayment from their Lord, for their good deeds. They will have therein pure friends, and ALLAH will make them enter cool shades. The promise of ALLAH is true, and whose word can be truer than ALLAH’s? Continue reading “Are You Ready For Islaam? – A beautiful advice to the people of this world”

Managing Ramadan with your non-muslim family


Living with your non-Muslim family as a new Muslim poses many different challenges and in my experience, Ramadan is one of the biggest challenges.

The challenges of course vary from family to family, but can be particularly challenging if they aren’t open to your new-found faith or to certain aspects of it.

As in any household, there are always compromises to be made, but when the family members have different beliefs and ways of life, the balance is a very fine one that can easily be tipped one way or the other. It sometimes feels as if you are walking on a bit of a tightrope trying to please everyone, and yet keep true to Islam.

During most of the year, minor adjustments and compromises can be made, as a new Muslim tries to keep within the bounds set by God, but still maintaining the family ties. The timing of activities, such as praying can be adjusted to fit into the family routine, Islamic activities can happen outside the house and friends not invited round to avoid arguments and clashes. Continue reading “Managing Ramadan with your non-muslim family”

Alexander Fretz was born to Christian parents in 1990 and his mother chose from the very beginning to allow him to pick the religion he wants for himself. She bought him various religious books and after a close look, he announced that he was a Muslim at the age of 8. Moreover, he learned everything about Islam such as prayer, Qur’an memorization, calling the athan, and many of the Shariah laws be…fore meeting one Muslim!

He chose to be named Mohammed Abdullah following the example of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alihi Wa sallam whom he loved.

He was invited by one of the Islamic channels accompanied by his mother and while the host was preparing to ask the young child questions, he was surprised that the child was doing the questioning…he asked, “How can I perform hajj and umrah? Is the travel expensive? Where did you buy the clothes of Ihram?” Continue reading