The role of traders in spreading message of Islam

To call people to Allah is the duty of every responsible and conscientious Muslim. Since there is no priesthood in Islam or sacerdotal class among Muslims, the duty of the call to Allah cannot be limited to an ill-conceived and imaginary group called the “men of religion as is the case with other religions.” In Islam, everyone is a man (or woman) of religion and everyone will be accountable to Allah as to whether or not one fulfilled their obligations sincerely and to the best of their abilities.
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Finding Islam from Alabama to Seattle, Fatimah’s Journey to Islam

970154_521713911223682_914264259_nI grew up in a very small southern town in Alabama; so small that most people have never heard of it.

I was born in an era where tensions between white and black Americans were great. These racial tensions affected people of both races greatly.

Added to these social and racial tensions was the involvement of America in the Vietnam war. There was a law in place at this time which was a mandatory draft law, meaning any male 18 years or older could be sent to the war without his approval. My father was one of these men sent in the prime of their lives never to be the same again. Lives changed forever.

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An American Young Man’s Journey From The Bible Belt to Islam

385278_169158919842394_100002448615788_315427_1596819350_nFor the First Time in My life, I Knew the Truth
An American Young Man’s Journey From The Bible Belt to Islam::

I converted to Islam about 21 months ago.

My journey to Islam was a long one that spanned over more than 2 decades.

Allah is a permanent reality that works in the lives of those who hear His message. Not having a personal relationship with my Creator tugged at my heart and mind for nearly two decades. Then, I discovered Islam.

I would not be considered in the West as a stereotypical Muslim. I believe the popular Western stereotype of a Muslim male is something like the following: dark skin, dark hair, bearded, Middle-Eastern or Asian descent, dressed in modest clothing and possibly a head covering.

No, I’m the complete opposite of this. I am in many ways the epitome of the “all-American boy”: blond-hair, blue-eyed, corn-fed Protestant/Christian background. However, Islam and Muslims take on many faces, many backgrounds, many cultures, many nationalities and many tongues. Continue reading “An American Young Man’s Journey From The Bible Belt to Islam”

Nigerian Pastor’s Daughter Finds Islam

The conversion of a pastor’s daughter in Nigeria’s mainly Christian South-eastern region has ignited a row between Nigeria’s umbrella Christian and Muslim groups, raising questions about freedom ofreligion in the volatile tribal region.

“I joined Islam purely on my own terms. I love the character of Muslims that I have related with, particularly the way they behave. You know Muslims believe in God,” Charity Uzoechina, a 25-year-old daughter of a pastor, whose conversion has attracted nationwide debate, told

“I have Muslim friends and I watched what they do, that enticed me to join Islam.”

The conversion of Charity, the daughter of Pastor Raymond Uzoechina of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), has stirred a controversy about Islam acceptance in Nigeria’s mainly Christian South-eastern.
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Guidance in Boarding School

1170729_558130984248641_1680264559_nAllah guided me to Islam when I was 14 years old.

My initial readiness to accept Islam and my reversion to din al-fitrah (the religion that conforms to human nature) at such an age seems to imply that I was all but a Muslim already.

But if we were to examine it as a cause and effect relationship, we must first start with the conversion of my friend Nabil in the summer of 1992.

Nabil was born in Africa to Isma‘ili Shiite parents of Indian descent, but he spent his childhood in Canada.

The only contact he had with anything even remotely Islamic was his infrequent visits to the Isma‘ili Jamaat Khana with his parents. Essentially, he knew nothing about Islam.
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