Former Church going Christian brother Jeremy Davidson accepts Islam

425631789My name is Jeremy Davidson (now Bilal Muhammed) from Ontario, Canada. I will attempt to be as brief as possible as I explain my journey to Islam and my experience throughout approximately the last 32 months.

As a child I grew up in a Christian household, went to Church every Sunday, and lived a relatively normal life. While that may not be the thrilling story everyone wants to hear, it surely is the truth (or to what I found to be normal). I remember my first interest in the news was in the fifth grade, the 9/11 attacks on the world trade centers happened and I could not understand much of what was going on. I tried reading articles in the newspaper about it and came across a page that had been covered in scribbles of ink and scratched into shreds. I did not understand the extent of what happened on the day of 9/11 but my dad told me the guy he had cut up the picture of from the newspaper was a very evil man. I remember seeing the words of ‘Islam’ and ‘Muslim’ appearing on many news channels as well as papers, but with the innocence of my age I did not make the connection of these words to what was seen as the terrorists. I have always grown up being taught by my mother there is no such thing as a bad person, only their actions are bad. Evidentially this somewhat changed once I heard that these were bad people. It had always been a side thought, but nothing I was ever concerned about. People (even within my churches) have stated that Muslims are terrorists or even just dangerous people. I listened to this for many years; never fully accepting or rejecting these statements.
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Basics of Islam under the Guidance of Renowned Scholars

Assalamu AAalykum (Peace be upon you all),

If you have Accepted Islam and you Don’t know what to do next ? Learn the Basics of Islam under the Guidance of Renowned Scholars. Join the New Muslim academy today.


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Ex- Roman Catholic sister’s journey to Islam

944372_463791907044695_12291362_nBismillah ar-rahman ar-rahim: “In the name of Allah (Creator), the Beneficent, the Merciful.”

My story in my way to Islam was so amazing Alhumdulillah, in my early age 9yrs old when i was in a Catholic Roman High School studying Religion Bible the old testament book in Hebrew , I was the first with high stand score in the school, that good that i was selected to meet Pope John Paul II, in 1985 landed in Lima city – Peru. I remember clear that day when the time to meet him arrived He was straight to me with a nice smile and his left hand straight to touch my front head as he used to do to the cross sign on the front head of the people. And as soon he touch my front head while i was passing Him my letter with a lot question about Jesus and the non sense Trinity that in my early age was not clear how 1 + 1 + 1 can be = 1…??
So Pope John Paul II took my letter while i felt his hand on my head I lost conscience and I lost consciousness and fell backwards hitting my head on a concrete bench in the park where we all were stand. Thats the last thing I can remember; six months later i opened my eyes barely can stand up by myself , my mother later described the happen and how hard i broken my head. …… Alhumdulillah!

I was still try to get contact with the Pope in the Vatican Roman , trying to get answer back of my letter that ofcourse till now the letter remain in silence, So year letter my parent took me back to America for medical intervention because from the hit many diseases appeared like cromic level of migraine, anorexia, tbc, memory lost and so on, that kept me partial death 5 years more on bed.
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why i become muslim? – Shaikh Hamza Yusuf


I became a Muslim largely because I fell in love with a beautiful human being – “I was only sent to perfect noble character,” said Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, declared as a “mercy to all the worlds.”

The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was born into this world on April 9th, 570, Christian era in the lunar month of Rabi’a al-Awwal. The religion of the Arabs at the time was a hodge podge of superstition, divination and idolatry.

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British model Carley Watts embraced Islam

1238163_728325333850203_84294944_nCarley Watts, one of the top models of the Britain, around a month ago converted to Islam. The newly wed model said that earlier she used to do modeling for fame but the Islamic teachings have guided her and she looks for forgiveness from Almighty ALLAH for her previous sins. Carley Watts, after converting to Islam is now known as Fatima Saleh. She got married in an Islamic way and entered into folds of Islam by fulfilling the Islamic rituals, offering 5 times prayers and performing the religious obligations. It is reported that she fasted the last Ramadan. Continue reading “British model Carley Watts embraced Islam”

Brother Reece Took Shahadah :)


Brother Reece aged 15 told the POWER of DAWAH brothers his a student at a catholic school and always believed in God, but was unsure about the true religion of God. The brother respectfully told him that islam is the only path to follow in life. Reece also agreed and was very fascinated by the miracles in the Quran and couldn’t deny that this was the word of God. Our evidence satisfied and alhamdulillah he accepted islam.

Reece than promised us, that his going to teach his younger brother islam (little boy on the left)

May Allah Continue to guide him to the truth. AMEEN!