Ex- Roman Catholic sister’s journey to Islam

944372_463791907044695_12291362_nBismillah ar-rahman ar-rahim: “In the name of Allah (Creator), the Beneficent, the Merciful.”

My story in my way to Islam was so amazing Alhumdulillah, in my early age 9yrs old when i was in a Catholic Roman High School studying Religion Bible the old testament book in Hebrew , I was the first with high stand score in the school, that good that i was selected to meet Pope John Paul II, in 1985 landed in Lima city – Peru. I remember clear that day when the time to meet him arrived He was straight to me with a nice smile and his left hand straight to touch my front head as he used to do to the cross sign on the front head of the people. And as soon he touch my front head while i was passing Him my letter with a lot question about Jesus and the non sense Trinity that in my early age was not clear how 1 + 1 + 1 can be = 1…??
So Pope John Paul II took my letter while i felt his hand on my head I lost conscience and I lost consciousness and fell backwards hitting my head on a concrete bench in the park where we all were stand. Thats the last thing I can remember; six months later i opened my eyes barely can stand up by myself , my mother later described the happen and how hard i broken my head. …… Alhumdulillah!

I was still try to get contact with the Pope in the Vatican Roman , trying to get answer back of my letter that ofcourse till now the letter remain in silence, So year letter my parent took me back to America for medical intervention because from the hit many diseases appeared like cromic level of migraine, anorexia, tbc, memory lost and so on, that kept me partial death 5 years more on bed.

I renounced the religion, the trinity and Jesus as a son of God, even so I was determined to move forward and find the true God.

And thats how my journal started when the doctor gave me as hopeless, I cried and prayed to the unseen God to hear me and give me the chance to find Him or to guide me to the true religion. and the Miracle appeared and my doctors astonished I was released next day cured from all. Allah Akbar 
from Catholicism to Christianity ( no answer to my questions)
from Christianity to read the Toraq (where Jesus not appear as God or son of God but yes as a false prophet atthe time ) At the time i fell to give up with the research even so i never look into the religion of my grandfather father of my father who were Lebanese Muslim immigrated to Argentina and having the Holy Qur’an in the family and sadly i looked out from.

In Florida college I met a lot muslim people who I approached them with my question friendly I got shock to hear how Qur’an revealed Jesus and all other prophet.

(I will finish it later second part soon )


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