Two Christians embraced Islam

1004998_10201732923917792_2024066743_nTakbeer Two Christians just embraced Islam with us at Kilburn dawah table in north London a sister and a brother became Muslim may Allah guide them Ameen..

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i choosed islam coz!!!…

58164_10151556562676413_294541379_n(Reverted brother, Gary Larocque Now Abu Nathan)

I did NOT accept Islam to anger Christians. I did NOT accept Islam to please the Muslims. I accepted Islam because I believe it to be the truth based on the evidence available to me. I accepted Islam because I believe it to be the best and most rational way of life for ALL mankind.

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This is what finally converted me to Islam

When one may presume the quran was common knowledge at the time, it wasn’t. Muhammad saw was illiterate and never read or wrote anything he didn’t study works of others he was wise of his own decisions that’s why god chose him its just another sign that this quran was from god through him. god could have had the same book compiled as he wished if Muhammad S.a.w was deaf and blind but didn’t do that probably because he refers to the deaf and blind the way he does in the quran.

(Reverted bro, Abdullah Jasim Kedar Clark)

My idea after embracing islam -short note

1376586_590067281031179_2136928760_n(Reverted brtoher) Abdullah Jasim Kedar Clark from UK
I am a revert. I am proud to be Muslim and i am Proud i left the evil of democracy and the devils who want to destroy the world I am one who hated Muslims but now i love them, defend them, and protect them just like Omar RA. I to once thought they were TERRORISTS and mass murderers, i to thought that they was strange and dint know why they wore a stupid black dress thing over their heads i too mocked them. I researched the religion to see what its about and it takes months to know but when you find out… you find out uv been lied to, you find out you’ve been manipulated and you find out there is a God because the proof is there, Islam has the proof. So when a Muslim now is good to me even though i may have problems and I am autistic, before i was abused and tortured and nearly killed by non Muslims but now the good believers treat me with respect love, mercy and understanding and i thank Allah for bringing me to understand him and the Prophet Muhammed pbuh and i urge you non Muslims research this religion because its not what they say it is.

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Arnoud Van Doorn in Hajj (Pilgrimage)

1391850_10151695872150843_2081399980_nArnoud Van Doorn (former anti- Islam Duthch Activist, Alhmdllah now) in Hajj, describing that his tear flow hardly stopped, and that he wanted to live in Madinah for the rest of his life and produce an award-winning documentary about Islam, after he produced the famous anti-Islam documentary in 2008, and was the vice-leader of the extremist Anti-Islamic party in the Netherlands up to last year!

Indeed, Allah guides whom He wants, so don’t stop giving Daawa to anyone, not even the harshest haters of Islam. Allahu Akbar!
“Sometimes the people with the worst past, create the best future.” Umar Ibn Al-Kattab Radiya Allah ‘anhu


Allahu Akbar, Brother Zak took Shahada (accepted islam)

East Ham Dawah Team

Takbeer, brother Zak took #Shahadah with the brothers from East Ham @ oct. 12 (before eid), but sorry i post a bit late 😦

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always be keen and interested in learning new islamic things, it will increase ur imman and u’ll come to know how rich religion u have, which u were not aware of it, at all… insha allah, 🙂


How common are converts to Islam? And why do they adopt the religion?

How-many-people-convert-to-IslamIN THE wake of the attacks on the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, speculation has grown about the possible involvement of Samantha Lewthwaite, a British convert to Islam. Ms Lewthwaite, known as the “White Widow”, was married to Germaine Lindsay, one of the London 7/7 bombers and himself a convert. She is wanted by Interpol and the Kenyan police in connection with a separate alleged bomb plot. Ms Lewthwaite, the daughter of a British soldier who served in Northern Ireland, grew up in the English home counties and converted to Islam in her teens. How common are converts to Islam? And why do they adopt the religion?

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Paris Hilton Converts to Islam

paris-hilton-converts-to-islam1JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia – Former American socialite, Paris Hilton has converted to Islam, her spokesman, Ian Brinkham, has revealed to CBS news.

The American socialite’s personal spokesman Ian Brinkham, announced on CBS News that “She has been toying with the idea for quite a while now and when she was imprisoned at Century Regional Detention Facility in 2007, she encountered a few people who had already converted”. Continue reading “Paris Hilton Converts to Islam”

Professor Joel Hayward’s Journey to Islam

Kings College Lecturers visit WOTS Course ACSI am a mild, peaceable and politically tolerant Muslim scholar who chose to embrace the faith of Islam because of its powerful spiritual truths, its emphasis on peace and justice, its racial and ethnic inclusiveness and its charitable spirit towards the poor and needy.

From the very day on which I excitedly spoke my Shahadah in a British mosque in parrot-fashioned Arabic — interestingly, as the only Caucasian amongst hundreds of happy and congratulatory Asians — I have been recording my spiritual journey not only in various articles for magazines and newspapers, but also in poems that I use, most days, as my primary means of examining, making sense of and expressing my thoughts, feelings and experiences. This essay is a short prose description of my journey.

My voyage into Islam commenced on that worst of days: 11 September 2001. I was already a well-established scholar and university academic (an associate professor) when 9/11 occurred and I could immediately see through the mistaken claim by several governments and the media that “the world had changed” because of a dangerous new phenomenon which was supposedly widespread within Islam: militant radicalization. Unlike many people who seemed unable to find alternative explanations, I knew from my own extensive travels in Islamic lands and from research and reading that violent extremism exists, but only as a tiny fringe element, within all religions and that the great faith of Islam is no more violent than the faith I had practiced for decades. Indeed, I knew that Osama bin Laden was no more representative of Islam than Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh was of Christianity.

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Madonna studying Quran to understand Islam

1385541_10151895094119183_545328291_nWashington, October 6 (ANI): Madonna has revealed that she is studying the Holy Quran these days.

The 55-year-old popstar said in an interview with Harper’s Magazine that she is building schools for girls in Islamic countries.

The ’4 Minutes’ hitmaker said that she thinks it is important to study all the holy books. Continue reading “Madonna studying Quran to understand Islam”

A Slovakian Woman’s Path to Islam

1233569_577713915623681_317805549_nA Slovakian Woman’s Path to Islam:
Like a Butterfly Set Free::

Human being. A notion as old as earth, known to everyone of us.

A notion that “hides” my destiny, your secrets, and their personalities. Humans, that’s us!

Yes, all of us.

None of us asked to come in this world, however we’re already here.

People may ask themselves: “Why am I right now and right here in this place? Why was I born? What is my mission?”
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what do i do when i feel sad, depressed and down?


When I am feeling low and downtrodden I just find a quiet place and sit alone with my favorite book (the Quran)! When I turn each of its miraculous pages my heart begins to feel lighter and the world around me brighter! The love, warmth and security of each word sets in and it is in these very moments that I know for sure in my heart how much Allah really loves me! Alhamdulillah! Subhanallah! Allahu Akbar

Sister Aliyah (revert sister)..

Impressed by Islamic Prayer -A Filipina Finds Her Way Home


Impressed by Islamic Prayer
A Filipina Finds Her Way Home

I was born into a very traditional Catholic family that observes and practices all kinds of innovations that are not even related to the real teachings of the Bible.

All of my family, from my great grandparents to the youngest grandchildren, are all Catholic and most of my friends and neighbors were also Catholic.

We would observe all kinds of Catholic traditions and customs, such as the fiestas (celebration of saints’ birthdays), Christmas, Holy Week, processions of saints, Sunday Mass, the rosary, and so on. Actually, all of these practices were a part of our life. Continue reading “Impressed by Islamic Prayer -A Filipina Finds Her Way Home”

A British Young Man’s Intellectual Journey to Islam


A British Young Man’s Intellectual Journey to Islam:
Christianity: The Point of Departure

My first memories of anything Islamic were when I prepared to start work in Saudi Arabia.

In the United Kingdom I visited my local library and read some books on the country. The place looked extraordinarily exotic and once I got there I wasn’t disappointed.

I vaguely knew that Saudi Arabia was the birthplace of Islam, but as to the significance of the Ka`bah, Hajj, etc., I knew even less.

Some Saudi newspapers have a daily question and answer piece on Islam. The questions submitted by the readers were often extremely specific on minute, seemly irrelevant practices — for example the salah (ritual prayer) or ablution — and these questions were often read out in the work tea room by ex-pats — including myself — for amusement. It all seemed so incomprehensible — but then everything about Saudi Arabia was a culture shock, so I never considered the religion separate from the culture. Continue reading “A British Young Man’s Intellectual Journey to Islam”

Why I became Muslim- William C. King

421600_148022371987402_401798298_nWhy I became Muslim – I wrote this in late 2006…a few short months after taking my shahada. Wow it is 7 years ago. SubhanAllah. Life is short:
The Reason I became Muslim – William C. King

It is so much more clearer to me know but because I am a revert toIslam I had a life before I took the Shahada. I guess in many ways I see that in the past I was likely already a Muslim in many ways. I have always believed in one Creator and only one. I have always had an uneasy feeling about the philosophy that God would send his son in the flesh and blood form of a human in full knowledge that he would be
persecuted and that pain would be inflicted on him in order that we be saved for our sins. I always thought that if God is Merciful and all Powerful He can forgive those that He wishes. Of course I always believed that Jesus, peace be upon him, was sent to us to teach us and to preach to us the message from God. I always believed that if Jesus was not God but a human Prophet of God that his life and his example
of how he lived his life would hold dearer meaning to me as a human.  Continue reading “Why I became Muslim- William C. King”