My idea after embracing islam -short note

1376586_590067281031179_2136928760_n(Reverted brtoher) Abdullah Jasim Kedar Clark from UK
I am a revert. I am proud to be Muslim and i am Proud i left the evil of democracy and the devils who want to destroy the world I am one who hated Muslims but now i love them, defend them, and protect them just like Omar RA. I to once thought they were TERRORISTS and mass murderers, i to thought that they was strange and dint know why they wore a stupid black dress thing over their heads i too mocked them. I researched the religion to see what its about and it takes months to know but when you find out… you find out uv been lied to, you find out you’ve been manipulated and you find out there is a God because the proof is there, Islam has the proof. So when a Muslim now is good to me even though i may have problems and I am autistic, before i was abused and tortured and nearly killed by non Muslims but now the good believers treat me with respect love, mercy and understanding and i thank Allah for bringing me to understand him and the Prophet Muhammed pbuh and i urge you non Muslims research this religion because its not what they say it is.

and his page:

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