Canadian brother took his shahadah

1463989_575152009224915_274448360_nThis brother took shahada with us (at Nov. 28) in Canada, he didn’t require any fancy arguments for the existence of God, he knew deep inside the Allah existed, all he need was the revelation of Allah the Quran.

when I approached him he looked sad, after speaking with him for a while he told me he was going through some really hard times. Alhumdulillah Allah allowed me to remind him of the fact that the happiness and peace he was searching for could not be attained by running after the dunya. After he understood that he was only going to find true peace by remembering Allah and submitting to him Allah allowed him to take his shahada.

I guess what we can take from this is that, deep inside people know Allah exists it’s the fitrah. All that needs to be done is to remind people, making them aware of the fact that true peace, happiness and freedom is only attainable through remembering, worshipping and submitting to Allah. That’s how we have been created.

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Brother Darnel Took shahadah

1459063_575440925862690_259445870_nour revert brothers Esa on the left and Darnel on the right, Darnel took his shahada on this day (28 Nov. 2013) alhumdulillah , they had never meet each other before this day but as soon as they did there was this instant connection, care and love between them, Allah placed mercy between them, it was like they had known each other for years. The power of Islam and the brother hood in Islam in itself is a sign.

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Orthodox Christian Accepts Islam – “I didnt understand God “

I was with Mario yesterday just after Cameron Clare Yusuf & John Fontain recorded this.

Mario attends the new Muslim circle at the MYF New Muslims Group (Myf MuslimGroup –Muslim Youth Foundation) where I deliver small reminders on Thursdays. .really really nice down to earth brother. .

A really touching story. . I relate to this.. those inner battles when you know the truth and really want to change but are so stuck in your ways, with expectation from friends to how you should be.. This is kind of what happened to me at university, hence why I can totally relate.

What he says about Allaah and the Mercy of Allaah at the end had me in tears…

Keep up the good work Cameron Yusuf & John..

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Santa took Shahadah with brother Cameron Peter Clare

1451489_430533663714295_1473443976_nSanta just took shahada with me on the bus
(Continued via brother Cameron Peter Clare) @ November 25 near Victoria Park, United Kingdom
(salaam alaikum warahmatullah dear bro. and sisters, this video for santa is not entertainment for muslims but a serous dawah video aimed at non muslims, the actions of the prayer instantly touch the fitra as it made me accept islam. santa is the most recongnised image in the world. we had a big crowd of non muslims witnessing the salah at the time and it really made them think inshallah. “Why cant a man with a white beard and red clothes be a muslim” subhanallah may allah guide them ameen.

i agree many people will question this video but our intentions are to get non muslims to question the whole concept of xmas, santa, christianity jesus etc, there will be a series of videos about santa coming soon which will be a dawah campaign for NON muslims to make them question there beliefs inshallah.Allah knows best out intentions, we are open to advise and we have thought long and hard before doing this, please advise us in our inbox inshallah if you have evidence to help us come to better decisions in our dawah inshallah
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brother Terry aged 49 just took his Shahadah with the team from Stratford, UK

602297_430569097044085_284975526_nTakbeer, brother Terry aged 49 just took his Shahadah with the team from Stratford, he was on his way to watch the football match, Alhamdullilah the brothers stopped him and spoke to him, he had been looking into Islam for over a year.

He was in tears, and asked Allah to forgive him for the things he had done in the past.

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A Reverts Story (How I became Muslim) of brother Amir Michael Khalil

944804_541153069271623_1739729725_nBismillaher Rahmaner Rahim,

Well it all started for me in 1987, the year I was born. My mother was in a very abusive relationship with my father and things got so bad she would often have to flee with me many nights to save her life and mine. My father would beat my mother everyday and night, he was a crazed man who abused alcohol. My mother has told me it was a miracle how she survived to give birth to me. She made it and on September 18th, 1987, at St. Joseph hospital, Milwaukee, Wi. I was born.

My mother struggled to raise me, my father never would help. She would often have to hold down three jobs just to put some food on the table. He continued to abuse, and terrorize my mother and us. He was a crazy man. My mothers father, my grandpa, who is normally a calm man, was so enraged he wanted to kill my father. But he was so scared he would hide. Hecould hit a woman but was too scared to fight a man. Continue reading “A Reverts Story (How I became Muslim) of brother Amir Michael Khalil”

Sister Ratchel Embraced Islam


MashaAllah … Allahu akbar !! Sister Ratchel she just made shahada last week in central london masjeed on one event i attended .. I couldnt hold my tears when she made shahada .. she’s been searching and studying islam for one year .. and when i met her i thought that she’s a muslim because she wore the hijab already .. but she said she wasnt a muslim yet .. SubhanaAllah then she came up and she took shahada … she cried .. subhanaAllah ..may Allah preserve her till jannah Aameen

Christian Religion Professor says ‘Jesus Was a Muslim’

Robert F. Shedinger, The head of the religion department at Luther College in Iowa, admits in his book that Jesus was actually a Muslim.

Shedinger also argued that Islam is a better fit for Jesus.

“I had to rethink what Islam is… I came to the conclusion that it was a social justice movement and I think that’s who Jesus was in the first century so I conclude Jesus is more like a Muslim,” he said.1378473_741278672553468_249765128_n