Orthodox Christian Accepts Islam – “I didnt understand God “

I was with Mario yesterday just after Cameron Clare Yusuf & John Fontain recorded this.

Mario attends the new Muslim circle at the MYF New Muslims Group (Myf MuslimGroup –Muslim Youth Foundation) where I deliver small reminders on Thursdays. .really really nice down to earth brother. .

A really touching story. . I relate to this.. those inner battles when you know the truth and really want to change but are so stuck in your ways, with expectation from friends to how you should be.. This is kind of what happened to me at university, hence why I can totally relate.

What he says about Allaah and the Mercy of Allaah at the end had me in tears…

Keep up the good work Cameron Yusuf & John..

(continued via brother Ghulam Esposito Haydar added @ Nov. 22,2013)

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