Santa took Shahadah with brother Cameron Peter Clare

1451489_430533663714295_1473443976_nSanta just took shahada with me on the bus
(Continued via brother Cameron Peter Clare) @ November 25 near Victoria Park, United Kingdom
(salaam alaikum warahmatullah dear bro. and sisters, this video for santa is not entertainment for muslims but a serous dawah video aimed at non muslims, the actions of the prayer instantly touch the fitra as it made me accept islam. santa is the most recongnised image in the world. we had a big crowd of non muslims witnessing the salah at the time and it really made them think inshallah. “Why cant a man with a white beard and red clothes be a muslim” subhanallah may allah guide them ameen.

i agree many people will question this video but our intentions are to get non muslims to question the whole concept of xmas, santa, christianity jesus etc, there will be a series of videos about santa coming soon which will be a dawah campaign for NON muslims to make them question there beliefs inshallah.Allah knows best out intentions, we are open to advise and we have thought long and hard before doing this, please advise us in our inbox inshallah if you have evidence to help us come to better decisions in our dawah inshallah
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