A Hindu Brother has just taken his Shahadah

1900150_501164616655973_582611668_nAllahu Akbar! Alhamdulilah Brother Abhishek, a former Hindu, has taken Shahadah!
Brother Abhishek was conducting business with a Muslim client over lunch. As they were about to head out Brother Abhishek offered Salam to his Muslim client w…hich took his client by surprise.
The Muslim brother then said: “I didn’t realize you were Muslim.”
Brother Abhishek responded: “No I am not, but I am interested in becoming one.
SubhannaAllah. Once the correct message was conveyed to him he accepted Islam.
This is Brother Abhishek with the team in #Toronto. May Allah SWT grant him steadfastness and make him a source of guidance for all, In Sha Allah

Takbeer!! Brother Peter took his ‪#‎Shahadah‬

Brother peter accepted Islam today with us in ‪#‎Wolverhampton‬ keep him in ur du’as may Allah make the path easy for him

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Michel from the USA took her Shahada

1962685_625751387473825_724373372_nAs salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu. .. I hope I said and spelled that correctly. I am recently taking the time to learn more about Islam and have so many questions. I am thinking of converting but I would like to learn more about my prayers so that I may be the best muslim I can be. I have trouble with pronouncing words and learning what the names of parts of the prayer and when and what to say. I am trying to learn in English first so I may know what I am saying and then would like to take the time to learn the correct way. I have attended masjid but because I hadn’t learned the prayer completely I felt out of place. I know I must have patience. I don’t have any women friends who are muslim. I first was introduced to Islam through an old friend of mine. He use to teach me all he could and I almost converted years ago but kept putting it off , I attended masjid with his mother and I truly feel this is where I belong and is the only way to live. I am ready to live my life for Allah. I explained to Michel that perfecting the prayer comes after the shahada and the proclamation of faith is a must in order to enter the fold of Islam, I suggested she take the shahada and later go to the Masjid to make it official, this was her reply:)
I said it this morning and took my shower and then prayed the best way I could. I’m proud to be a Muslimah today !

May Allah make all easy on our new beautiful sister Ameen!


Brother Matthew Malik Shakur Steward accepts islam

1925316_10152128631293673_1550818280_nAlhamdulillah we know that guidance is from Allah alone and he alone guides to Islam but to know that some one accept islam and maybe we played a part of it is a great feeling May Allah accept  it from us and make us and him firm on islam the only religion accepted by Allah is islam.

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Philipino brother took shahadah

1970582_663610640369135_90511883_nTAKBEER…. Allahu Akbar, Filipino brother accepted Islam with us at
Tooting DAWAH table. May Allah protect and guide him and his family,

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