A Hindu Brother has just taken his Shahadah

1900150_501164616655973_582611668_nAllahu Akbar! Alhamdulilah Brother Abhishek, a former Hindu, has taken Shahadah!
Brother Abhishek was conducting business with a Muslim client over lunch. As they were about to head out Brother Abhishek offered Salam to his Muslim client w…hich took his client by surprise.
The Muslim brother then said: “I didn’t realize you were Muslim.”
Brother Abhishek responded: “No I am not, but I am interested in becoming one.
SubhannaAllah. Once the correct message was conveyed to him he accepted Islam.
This is Brother Abhishek with the team in #Toronto. May Allah SWT grant him steadfastness and make him a source of guidance for all, In Sha Allah

Michel from the USA took her Shahada

1962685_625751387473825_724373372_nAs salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu. .. I hope I said and spelled that correctly. I am recently taking the time to learn more about Islam and have so many questions. I am thinking of converting but I would like to learn more about my prayers so that I may be the best muslim I can be. I have trouble with pronouncing words and learning what the names of parts of the prayer and when and what to say. I am trying to learn in English first so I may know what I am saying and then would like to take the time to learn the correct way. I have attended masjid but because I hadn’t learned the prayer completely I felt out of place. I know I must have patience. I don’t have any women friends who are muslim. I first was introduced to Islam through an old friend of mine. He use to teach me all he could and I almost converted years ago but kept putting it off , I attended masjid with his mother and I truly feel this is where I belong and is the only way to live. I am ready to live my life for Allah. I explained to Michel that perfecting the prayer comes after the shahada and the proclamation of faith is a must in order to enter the fold of Islam, I suggested she take the shahada and later go to the Masjid to make it official, this was her reply:)
I said it this morning and took my shower and then prayed the best way I could. I’m proud to be a Muslimah today !

May Allah make all easy on our new beautiful sister Ameen!

amazing Story of a New Shahada

The Creator of all things in the Heavens and the Earth. Lord of the East and the West. oh Allah, allow us to have a heart and a mind that is able to see the hikmah (knowledge or wisdom) You put behind everything
“A calamity that brings you… closer to Allah, is better for you than the blessing that makes you turn away from Allah -” ― Ibn Tayyimah
Story of a New Shahada: Just the other day, a lady came to me wanting to learn more about Islam.
I asked her how she got here and she told me something that many of us would find a bit strange. A few days ago, she noticed a beautiful butterfly flying around her, not only once but constantly throughout the day she kept running into that butterfly. Thinking nothing of it, she went about her day and went to work. While at work her employer was giving her a hard time about small things that wouldn’t normally matter. She was also having some family issues with her son and decided that she couldn’t take it anymore so she took a few days off to try to sort things out. On her way home she stopped to fill up gas and noticed another butterfly floating near a Muslim brother. Looking up what a butterfly means or represents, she found that butterflies come with nature as a symbol of peace and tranquility. She quickly ran over to him and began to ask him questions. He told her a little about Islam and sent her here to the House of Da’wah. After spending 7 hours with us she found the true beauty of Islam and found the definite meaning of life.
SubhanAllah, have we ever taken a moment to think about the bounties and favors Allah bestows upon us? Something we might think as a calamity or something that is going to bring us to our downfall, Allah turns it around and makes a blessing out of it. AllahuAkbar.
Allah  says: “and if you count the Blessings of Allah, never will you be able to count them. Verily, man is indeed an extreme wrong-doer, a disbeliever” [Surah Ibrahim, 14: 34]
Please keep all the Muslim brothers and sisters in your duas, especially the ones going through a tough time. We ask that Allah may remove our difficulties, grant us victory from our troubles, and always keep us going in a direction that is better for our faith, our life in this world and our life in the Hereafter. Ameen!
(Continued via House of Daw’ah and posted at august 17 2013)

a couple’s shahadah, Allahu Akbar

945077_456575631103676_705146425_nHave you ever set out to do something with one intention but end up doing it for a totally different reason?
That’s what happened to this sister right here. A few months ago she met this man who needed a little help getting back on his feet…. The more she started helping him, the more intrigued she became and starting asking him about his faith. He said he became a Muslim 6 years back but was not practicing at the time. As puzzled as she was, she began to ask him why he was not going to the Mosque and such so she insisted that she would take him whenever he needed to go. After a few times of dropping him off at the Mosque, she too became interested and started to learn about Islam. Happy with what she found, she decided to take her shahadah last week. The two are now married and live a very peaceful and humble life together. Masha’Allah
“Whoever intercedes for a good cause will have a reward therefrom” (Quran 4:85)
It’s crazy how God puts certain people in your life to make them a better person or better yet, make yourself a better person. She started talking to this man only to help him out a little bit but in return Allah gave her a beautiful deen and a wonderful husband to share it with. SubhanAllah.
It was a great blessing meeting the two at the House of Da’wah. I wish them both the best in this life and in the Hereafter. May Allah accept all their good deeds, grant them the blessing of knowledge and wisdom and make their marriage a successful relation filled with Allah’s Mercy and Guidance. Ameen!
Talk about a true love story. AllahuAkbar!
(continued via House of Da’wah, posted @ June 7, 2013)

Sister Sandra Jd Mears her husband and her 5 yr old daughter embraced islam

553607_538878482851966_827111656_nAllahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. I was the only one in my family that had accepted Islam. Alhamdulillah, my sister Sandra Jd Mears found me, and now her and her husband and 5 year old daughter have accepted Islam. Allah is very kind and has given me more than I could of ever asked for. Please make dua for them as they are the only Muslims in this small town. Also make dua for the rest of my family that they follow the same path, insha Allah.

(Continued via brother Jamal Omar, posted @ September 16, 2013)

New shahadah! Allahu Akbar – Sister Marry..

1521257_599801186759695_12536458_nNew shahadah! Allahu Akbar (@ January 19, 2014). Imam Mohamed Shakib  said: ” I received a call in our office from sister candy who became a Muslim less than a month ago; she inform us that sister Mary want to take shahadah; subhanallah we went to her and in a …few minutes she took shahadah! The doctor gave her couple weeks to live but only Allah knows when someone goes! what amazes me the most is that; how a new Muslim is eager to give DAWAH!  Please Wake up people and let’s do DAWAH!”
Please make dua for sister Marry.

Brother Andrew Ross Nguyen’s journey to islam

Presentation25 [Autosaved]5555 [Autosaved]Brother Andrew Ross Nguyen said ” On How I Was Guided To Islam… (Short Story).
When I was a a young boy just 14 years old I ran away from home to enter the state of California.
There I found my father reunited and I am thankful that he sh…owed me the right example in order to be successful.
His good friends varied between Board Members of the Banks, and VIP’S of Microsoft, Owners of Factories, Antique shops and even famous painters/actors in Hollywood. All summer long I helped my dad build houses in Hollywood, and even restore old Victorian homes….At that time I never cared for work or being successful…all that I wanted to be was the greatest martial artist that had ever lived. 
o fulfill my Bruce Lee inspired fantasy to be “The One” Even before that…I remember being thirteen years old…. without family just me looking at the bay into the sky asking “What is life? And will I ever find happiness and Peace” Over the years I studied for months on end; countless nights of reading books of Plato, Socrates, Voltaire, Freud, the Dali Lama, and various ancient Buddhist text on enlightenment and nirvana which intrigued me.
10 years later I found myself running….   running from some fight… just wanted to be safe from harm and into a house of a Muslim family praying…. When I enter the abode I was invited with the out most hospitality and offered soup… I was told the story of how a man had seen god come into his life in the desert of Egypt…When it became very late I had watched a this man bow three times and then prostrate three times….and then finally once. I had thought to myself, Must be the Angel Jibrail coming down tonight as I smiled….In succession to this mans prayer I was then brought to a closet full of nice clothes and offered them as well as a place to stay as long as I like.
Shortly after in the following morning I had accepted islam as I was invited to pray…I’ll never forget that apartment on 1342 Cadillac drive,  the most roughest street in the entire city of San Jose, CA.
There I changed my entire life and become more successful that I had ever been. I’ll never forget that man, his name Yassine…..   Is that not the heart of the Quran….May Allah Strengthen his Iman,taqwa and guide him to the Siratu Mustaqeem. Please make dua our brother.
Alif said; “After I accepted Islam. I changed my  entire life and become more successful that I had ever been. Alhamdulillah.
(continued via brother Jamal Omar ‘s fb. page)

Emotional Sister Reverts to Islam

Despite the negative and unjust media against Islam and Muslims, we find more
and more people coming to Islam with Allah’s grace. We only convey the
message of Islam, and it is Allah Who controls the hearts. If people
don’t want to accept Islam, it’s their right, as Allah SWT says in the
Quran “You have your religion and we’ve got ours” and we should live
peacefully together.


35 Sisters convert to Islam in Hong Kong

Despite the negative and unjust media against Islam and Muslims, we find
more and more people coming to Islam with Allah’s grace. We only convey
the message of Islam, and it is Allah Who controls the hearts. If
people don’t want to accept Islam, it’s their right, as Allah SWT says
in the Quran “You have your religion and we’ve got ours” and we should
live peacefully together.

Spanish teenager embraced islam

1656414_282079695272681_512120391_nAllahu Akbar!! Islam the only way
This translates to :
Brothers do you know what? This is a Spanish teenager ,that has embraced Islam, his name now is Rashid Mash’Allah. Look how much Noor, notice the big change. WE HAVE ONE MORE BROTHER IN THE UMMAH!!!! AND MORE TO COME IN SHA ALLAH ,WELCOME TO THE UMMAH OF THE PROPHET MOHAMMAD (Peace Be Upon Him ) …Brother Rashid….

brother took shahadah @ Harrow, UK

This man here was previously a Jehovah’s Witnesses believer! We spoke to him and we explained him about the concept of religion, messengers and importantly the one message of the oneness of Allah which all the messengers preached!! … After a long talk for about 45 mins he believed and accepted the message of Islam and the messenger of Allah prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and took his shahada!!
Allahu Akbar
(Continued via Team Dawa – Harrow)

how Dr. Jerald Dirks professor of Bible studies embraced Islam?

1620822_621015884614042_153548392_nDr. Jerald Dirks ,A professor of Bible studies from Harvard University converted to Islam in 1993 , here are some notes of his fascinating experience ..
  A Christian Minister’s Conversion to Islam
Paying A Small Price for A Good Return … “For those contemplating the acceptance of Islam and the surrendering of oneself to Allah—glorified and exalted is He, there may well be sacrifices along the way. Many of these sacrifices are easily predicted, while others may be rather surprising and unexpected. There is no denying the existence of these sacrifices, and I don’t intend to sugar coat that pill for you. Nonetheless, don’t be overly troubled by these sacrifices. In the final analysis, these sacrifices are less important than you presently think. Continue reading “how Dr. Jerald Dirks professor of Bible studies embraced Islam?”

Sister Catherine’s Journey to Islam

1621792_443776769085737_2080194405_nAsalamu Alaikum,
My name is Catherine and I’m 20 years old. I’m from south west of England and quite frankly there are very few muslims in my home town. I was …never brought up with a religion, although always believed in a creator, a God, I guess I just didnt know which path to follow. I went to a local school and have always been interested in studying religion so I guess for me, everything just took its place very quickly, at a young age. I was 15 when i started studying for my gcse’s, one of which was religious studies Continue reading “Sister Catherine’s Journey to Islam”

Catholic brother took shahadah @ Maida Vale, UK

1011029_660457817351084_2119814781_nTAKBEER …. Allahu Akbar… From Shirk to Tawheed in less then a hour. Young brother just accepted Islam , alhamdullilah he was I Chatolic Christian and after logical conversation of attributes of God he recognised that Jesus (as) was not Devine but servant of God. There he was making dua for guidance. May Allah accepts it from him and guide us all, amen

(continued via AlKhadr Islam)