Takbeer!! 3 sisters took ‪#‎Shahadah‬ with the ‪#‎Hounslow‬ team

3 sisters accepted islam @ hounslow dawah table
Alhumdulillah after speaking to the sister and giveng islamic literature she left our dawah table and got a hijab for herself and came back to our dawah table with a hijab on and said “i want to convert to islam”

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Brother Ashley accepted ‪#‎Islam‬ with us today but this ‪#‎shahadah‬ was an awseome one!!


Brother Ashley accepted ‪#‎Islam‬ with us today but this ‪#‎shahadah‬ was an awseome one!! (A video may be made on it)!

Brother Ashley approached one of our da’ees and asked to accept Islam. This came as a bit of a shock because not many people approach you to accept Islam.

So he went through everything with him and subhanAllah he already had the beliefs of a#Muslim. Then the Shahadah took place!!The next thing was just wicked wallahi!!

He went with the da’ee to do wudu came back and prayed with us in town!!Keep him in your du’as. May Allah guide us all. AMEEEN#TeamDawah

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Basic Islam Course for New muslims

h5071069_tWe are pleased to announce The New Muslim Series beginning with Basics of Islam!

When: Every Fridays at 6pm
Where: Khalid Bin Al-Walid Mosque – 16 Bethridge Road (One light south of Kipling and Rexdale)
Instructor: Br. Alfaaz Abu Zubayr

This class in sha Allah will cover:

– How to Pray
– Introduction to the Quran
– Basic Arabic
– Introduction to the 5 Pillars in Islam
– Introduction to the 6 Pillars of Iman (Faith)

The class is open to both Brothers and Sisters. We look forward to seeing you there!

my life before Islam Mutah “Napoleon” Beale

1957988_10152193194518673_222141350_n#‎ThrowbackThursday‬ before Islam my life was full of confusion, contradictions,misguidance darkness after accepting Islam things became clear, the ability to recognize right from wrong, accountability for our actions the best of it all is to be able to worship my lord upon clarity with out associating partners with him as he alone created us and to him alone is our final return, to follow the religion of all Prophets and messengers there’s is no greater honor then this May Allah make us firm on his Deen for those who want to know what’s the purpose of life please check out this website www.islaam.ca

Allahu Akbar Another family accepted Islam today at the Street Dawah

1549492_634453276609622_1392068941_nALLAHUAKBAR ALLAHUAKBAR! Doesn’t matter how much they hate Islam, but from amongst their midst Allah The Most Merciful is Guiding many sincere hearts and Souls. Another family accepted Islam today at the Street Dawah.

Mashallah another IREA Daee Br Imran who joined the Streetdawah few weeks back has now been graced by Allah to have been the source of Guidance for many every week.

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Allahu Akbar Two elderly Catholic Ladies embraced Islam

1964977_669206473141091_696185597_nAllahu Akbar Two elderly Catholic Ladies embraced Islam.

They came with the belief that JESUS is God but then our Daee explained to them with evidence from the Bible that Jesus is not God rather a prophet of God. They then asked why do Muslims kill others. Ma sha Allah Br Waheed presented the prohibition of killing innocents from the Quran 5:32which clarified their gravest misconception…. After discussing for half an hour they realised to truly follow Jesus they have to be muslim Alhamdulillah.

May Allah keep them steadfast and reward our brothers

Mexican Catholics find islam

1185533_702647113119920_822494105_nMartha Alamilla, 23, was born and raised in a Catholic family. Alamilla has always believed in a higher power but, she said, when she began to question some of the principles of the church, she found the answers proffered unsatisfactory.

“There was never a doubt in my mind that God existed,” she said one Friday following prayers at the mosque, “but there were always things that I would ask about my religion that didn’t make sense to me. I always got answers like, ‘well, because,’ and ‘it’s God and God is that way,’ and ‘because God said it was that way.’” Continue reading “Mexican Catholics find islam”

Takbeer!! Brother Daniel took his ‪#‎Shahadah‬ with the team in ‪#‎Australia

988395_627004017354548_166676153_nAllahuAkbar!!!! Br Daniel took his shahada with our daee and choose Islam as his way of life in accordance with Quran and hadith and the interesting part is our…, daee was a bit hesitant initially to talk about ISLAM and wanted to learn more about ISLAM before engaging but Allah had his plans and he choose him to become a daee Mashallah may Allah reward him and increase his emaan.
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Allahu Akbar, Brother ‘Steven Nicholas’ just few days ago converted to Islam

1535505_1394505694137478_2128423791_nAllahu Akbar, this english brother ‘Steven Nicholas’ just few days ago converted to Islam, plesae welcoming him to the peace religion and do dua for him too. https://www.facebook.com/steven.nicholas.334 This afternoon was the greatest moment of my life, i completed my declaration to our creator Allah and reverted to Islam after learning about the religion for a long time. I have never been so welc…omed by a group of people in my life. I had over 100 brothers hug me and welcome me to the faith of Islam. To people who might have stereotypes of Islam, I can tell you the media have portrayed a lot of false propaganda against the religion. Muslims have been without doubt the most attacked religion in the last 10 having years having both physical abuse and verbal abuse inflicted upon them in huge quantities, with people being killed in their thousands if not millions in this time. I have studied Islam for a long time and this religion spreads nothing but peace and love to fellow humans.
To the governments who continue to attack Islam with their false propaganda it is because many Muslims refuse to take part in many corrupt practices that is spread across the western world, in which certain corrupted individuals profit from, including the interest of money that is forbidden in Islam. Islam is a religion of peace and love and i pray more people will realise this one day.
Regardless of other people’s personal beliefs , may the blessings of God be upon you all.

Jasmine Clarkson who committed suicide because she had no purpose of life!

1653396_10152325483434739_1236289026_nIn this mornings London metro newspaper there is a shocking story about a 14 year old girl named Jasmine Clarkson who committed suicide because she had no purpose of life!
This is a chilling reminder for us Muslims on the importance of doing Dawah. How many other people are out there just like Jasmine who feel empty inside?
This is a great way to start a dawah conversation at work today with a non Muslim. Go to work and tell them about this story and ask them what they thin…k their purpose in life is.
“Did you think that We have created you without purpose, and that you would not return to Us” Quran 23:115

Sister Abby (Abeeda)’s journey to islam

dr-philSister Abby (Abeeda) is a revert of two years from Texas , USA in her past she used to be a rap singer and lead a free lifestyle , after reverting to Islam she feels much happier Alhamdullila , she decided to appear on the Dr. Phil show to try and build the bridge of understanding with her mother, who claimed she’s worries her daughter will become a terrorist..  we didn’t post the video as it exposes her days of Jahalliya…


Your thoughts on the matter please, …

and her page, at fb.


Allahu Akbar! God is the Greatest a sister took shahadah

Allahu Akbar! God is the Greatest.

We have A NEW SISTER from the United States of America who has just embraced Islam and declared her Shahada with me just now over facebook, Alhamdulilah!

The Almighty has guided yet another of his creation to accept Islam and to worship him Alone without partners, and accept all his Prophets and Messengers!!

It would be nice if we could raise some Money to assist her in purchasing some Materials like books, clothing, Quran etc,  as she is a Mother and has Children to care for, and is living in an area without Muslims nearby.

Who would like to support her?
Inbox me.

Allah is the Greatest. I am so happy for her.

After she declared her belief in Islam, she said:

  cant stop smiling 

The same response as the brother on Saturday and myself when I accepted Islam 2 and half years ago!

It is a sweetness that your Lord is pleased with you and knowing he has guided you to his way.

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Allahuakbar Allahuakbar Allahuakbar, 3 Shahadas today

1976884_624968800891403_1510983118_nAllahuakbar Allahuakbar Allahuakbar, 3 Shahadas today.
Mashallah Sister Emi (extreme  left in the photo) also read her Shahadah and embraced Islam.

She was brought up as a Christian but has been studying Islam and feels confident about it as well as believes she is a Muslim already.

May Allah increase her in knowledge and Guide her all the way to Jannah.

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Takbeer, shahadah with the IREA team in Melbourne

1965063_624851297569820_409227487_nAllahuakbar Brother Damien from adelaide read his Shahadah today.
He is on a visit to Melbourne and saw IREAs street dawah table in city today. He said he want…s to revert to Islam and wants to know how. So alhamdulillah we explained him and he embraced Islam. On asking he mentioned he has been listening to YUSUF ISLAM (Mashallah brother Damien also looks like him)
He took the contact details for Masjid and Dawah centre in adelaide to continue his learning of Islam.
May Allah give him steadfastness and make him a Daee of Islam.

Allahuakbar another Shahadah today!

1625505_627609947287969_1345831942_nAllahuakbar another Shahadah today! Brother Lym who has been coming at our Dawah table for last few weeks and has been discussing/arguing.
Wallah when he came today and said he wants to become Muslim, some brothers thought he is kidding. But Subhanallah then we realised he isn’t joking but seriously wants to accept Islam. … On asking the reason, he said last week he took the Quran and read it. It is the Quran that made him come to Islam. Never underestimate the Power of Dawah, keep doing, keep giving material, keep conveying, if Allah Wills He may Guide anyone.
May Allah strengthen him on the path to Paradise.
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