Allahuakbar another Shahadah today!

1625505_627609947287969_1345831942_nAllahuakbar another Shahadah today! Brother Lym who has been coming at our Dawah table for last few weeks and has been discussing/arguing.
Wallah when he came today and said he wants to become Muslim, some brothers thought he is kidding. But Subhanallah then we realised he isn’t joking but seriously wants to accept Islam. … On asking the reason, he said last week he took the Quran and read it. It is the Quran that made him come to Islam. Never underestimate the Power of Dawah, keep doing, keep giving material, keep conveying, if Allah Wills He may Guide anyone.
May Allah strengthen him on the path to Paradise.
(continued via IREA page)

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