TAKBEER!!!! The adhan being recited in a church! Alhamdulilah!!!

Azan is now being recited in a church in america.
A christian american group are calling for peace and they have chosen Azan due to its great spuritual effect on souls. They approached an islamic centre and asked for someone to go to their church and recite azan ss part if their annual ceremony in a very big cathedral. A young man was nominated and he said he hesitated a great deal and performed Istikhara prayer then agreed to take part and attend the ceremony in the full arabic dress.
He says: “Azan had a great impact on them, they were stunned and as soon as I finished, very many of them followed me outside the church leaving the ceremony. They cried and asked me to translate azan that had had a great impact on their souls.”

another new reverted bro. just passed away .. :(

988870_639844859425972_7908040512135101710_nHe accepted Islam 20 days ago through a dawah program called “Al-Naseem”, then he went to ‘Umrah Friday of last week, and he died yesterday as he walked into the mosque for Dhur prayer.

SubhannaAllah, felt chills go down my body. An example of how when Allah wills good for His slaves, He grants him a good ending.

(May allah swt grant him janatul firdous, amen In Sha Allah)

(Inna Lilahe wa inna ilaihe Raje aun)

Allahu akbar had one shahada, a non muslim brother embraced Islam


Allahu akbar
Alhamdulillah by the help of Allah had a great dawah day, had some very good conversations, May Allah subhan wa ta’ala guide them all and alhamdulillah….Allahu akbar had one shahada, a non muslim brother embraced Islam.
May Allah keep him steadfast on deen, and may allah make things easy for him

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sister who embraced islam few weeks ago passed away :(

Bismillahi Arahmani raheem

Many of you will remember our sister that embraced islam with cancer just a few weeks ago, well Sister Lucia died yesterday and her janazah will take place in East London Masjid after jumuah Salah.

Inna ilaahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon (‘To Allah we belong and to Him is our return details, @http://www.missionislam.com/knowledge/fromAllah.html.’).



Allah give her paradise. Ameen. Reports from the mortuary suggest her face is emitting much noor and her face is smiling.


Takbeer Brother Tony a Christian just took his shahada

Brother Tony a Christian just took his shahada with me in east London and he embraced Islam
I went to buy a car from him but than I had discussion about Jesus pbuh and prophet Muhammad pbuh and he was believing Jesus is son of God and died for sin of humanity but after discussion he embraced Islam May Allah guide him Ameen Ya Rab

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3 Shahadas today at FOOTSCRAY Dawah Table

3 Shahadas today at FOOTSCRAY Dawah Table during Day 2 of ’10 Day DAWAH MARATHON 2014′
8 more days to go.

1) Top left: Brought up in a christian family, but was always eager to know about Islam and today he clarified all his questions and misconceptions about Islam, proclaiming his Shahadah.

2) Top Right: born in a catholic family but left Christianity due to errors in the Bible. after discussing about islam’s authenticity and great character of prophet Muhammad saws, she said she is ready to be a muslimah and thus read her shahadah.
3) Bottom: Matthew was born in a Muslim country, an ex muslim turned christian. On asking why he became christian, he said he left Islam coz christianity is more easy but later became very confusing with the erroneous beliefs. He first spoke for a while, went away, sat in front of our table for long time watching us then finally when his non muslim friends left, he came forward and cleared his misconceptions about Islam and concept of JIHAD. And then requested that he wants to read shahada and said wants to learn more about Islam and will join classes and asked everyone to pray for him to be pious muslim.

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Islam in Austria (in brief words)

10153060_10152037987700843_5125332565204090119_nIn Austria, it is the only country in Western Europe that recognize Islam as an official religion since 1878, and therefore, Muslims have unrestricted right to build Masjids, establish Islamic schools, and even to use collected tax money for Islamic centers!

This is a result of the relationship between the Austrian Empire and Ottoman Empire, who were allies during World War I. The number of Muslims today is 750,000+ (out of total 8.5 million) and there is no shortage of Halal here. Enjoy this photo of Masjid Telfs, with a beautiful backdrop of the Austrian Alps!

Islam is easy, Allah cares

10007406_699622213410014_7277887195259810072_nAbu Harairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:

The Prophet (Peace and Blessing Upon Him) said, “The religion (of Islam) is easy, and whoever makes the religion a rigour, it will overpower him. So, follow a middle course (in worship); if you can’t do this, do something near to it and give glad tidings and seek help (of Allah) at morn and at dusk and some part of night”.

[Sahih Al-Bukhari].

Subhanallah, what an inspiring story


Ex-EDL member and mosque vandal Geoff Ryan says sorry to the Mosque Imaan and Muslims after jail release.

TATTOOED Geoff Ryan warmly embraces the Imam of Braintree Mosque and says sincerely: “I’m sorry.”

Less than a year ago, the 44-year-old stormed the peaceful prayer centre, armed with knives and smoke grenades, and even threatened to kill a worshipper in a “revenge” attack for the brutal murder of soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich.

After serving half of his nine-month jail sentence, the builder and former member of the English Defence League spent four hours discussing politics, extremism, religion and the events of that fateful night in May with leaders of the Muslim community, and now wants to help change negative perceptions of Islam.

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Takbeer! A Hindu brother took #Shahadah with our team from #Dundee, on Facebook

TAKBEER!! A hindu from INDIA embraced ISLAM TODAY through FACEBOOK with ME and ASAD in Sizzlers in Dundee, Scotland as his witnesses!!
Yesterday he replied. Today he declared his shahada. And we have another Muslim Brother from India! Alhamdulilah.
These were the questions:

Why only should we choose islam
And y Muslims are so extreme
Y people dont feel safe crossing them
If it is so peaceful
Y it isnt getting any better
Even after so many conversions
I dont c any peace in real abt islam except in Muslim videos
there r so many hadiths reference
When there r only 4
Whats the proof that hadiths are the exact same words of the prophet
And noone added anything in.it
I have many questions
Will ask others if I ll get ur reply

Then when the answers were given,
The brother was worried about being a Muslim in a Hindu Community, and not wanting his parents to suffer because of his conversion to Islam.

He said:
I just want my life to go simple and fine like it is now…with my friends and family but WITH islam in my life.

He has my support and I had a similar trial with a non-muslim family when embracing Islam.

Then I got a smiley face and he said: Whos gonna be my two witnesses.

Masha Allah. Allah chose to Guide him to ISLAM!

He straight away said: All praise is due to Allah!

May Allah keep him guided, give him the support he needs, and may Allah keep him steadfast, forgive him for his past, and make him knowledgeable.



Don’t ever stop thanking Allah for his blessings.

Allah guides who he wills.
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