Takbeer! A brother took his ‪#‎Shahadah‬ with the team in Trinidad and Tobago.

Alhamdulillah!!! Allahu Akbar!!! A brother embraced Islam at our dawah stall this morning @San Juan.(posted 19 hr ago)


TAKBEER!!!! The adhan being recited in a church! Alhamdulilah!!!

Azan is now being recited in a church in america.
A christian american group are calling for peace and they have chosen Azan due to its great spuritual effect on souls. They approached an islamic centre and asked for someone to go to their church and recite azan ss part if their annual ceremony in a very big cathedral. A young man was nominated and he said he hesitated a great deal and performed Istikhara prayer then agreed to take part and attend the ceremony in the full arabic dress.
He says: “Azan had a great impact on them, they were stunned and as soon as I finished, very many of them followed me outside the church leaving the ceremony. They cried and asked me to translate azan that had had a great impact on their souls.”

another new reverted bro. just passed away .. :(

988870_639844859425972_7908040512135101710_nHe accepted Islam 20 days ago through a dawah program called “Al-Naseem”, then he went to ‘Umrah Friday of last week, and he died yesterday as he walked into the mosque for Dhur prayer.

SubhannaAllah, felt chills go down my body. An example of how when Allah wills good for His slaves, He grants him a good ending.

(May allah swt grant him janatul firdous, amen In Sha Allah)

(Inna Lilahe wa inna ilaihe Raje aun)

Allahu akbar had one shahada, a non muslim brother embraced Islam


Allahu akbar
Alhamdulillah by the help of Allah had a great dawah day, had some very good conversations, May Allah subhan wa ta’ala guide them all and alhamdulillah….Allahu akbar had one shahada, a non muslim brother embraced Islam.
May Allah keep him steadfast on deen, and may allah make things easy for him

(continued via Street Dawah Mumbai, posted 8 hr ago)