Debby from West Africa took shahadah

10154912_633518033388010_1901967727_nDebby is from West Africa, her father is Muslim and her Mother is Christian. She was raised a Christian. She came to a lecture I was giving last night at Mankato State University. The MSA had invited her because she had many questions. When… she heard the Adhan (Call to Prayer) she had goose bumps. When I read surah Ikhlas (Quran 112) and explained it to the audience and the concepts of Tawheed (Pure Monotheism), she cried and new Islam was the truth. She believed that God is one and that Muhammad was a messenger of God. May Allah protect her and guide her and reward her for having the courage to submit to the Creator. May the students start having conversations with non-Muslims. Tears of joy made us all cry.

(posted @ 26th of March, added by brother, Jamal Omar)

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