Romanian Sister’s journey to islam

Alhamdulilah i am a reverted muslima from Romania . It tooket me around 11 years to revert to islam . I started reading about islam when the problems in usa happend and for a while i was reading books that i could find in librarys . But as you all know some books present islam not good . And i was like ok if it’s not good why do people attack it . in 2008 alhamdulilah i found the mosq in my city and i got some books there . Reading more and more i found that islam is the right path but i hade a milion questions in my mind . Like would i be a good muslima , how would my parents react especialy my father is an alcoolic and he drinks almost on dayly baises . In 2011 i reverted but i decided to hide my religion do to my father . Because he drinks that often and makes scandals out of enithing ( a couple of times he made my mom sleep on the floor to ) i sade better to keep it a secret and publish it only when i can be indipendent . but i don’t regret enithing . Alhamdulilah i can eat halal , i do my prayers aldoght sometimes fast and at least when it comes to mom she lets me to read on islam ( she thinks is my passion and also that i do reserch for my bachlor degree especialy it will be on maryge under islamic law ) . I know i could try to speak with mom on islam and i did a couple of times but she is not that open to reversion . But who knows what the future brings .
May allah keep us on the right path

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