Subhanallah, what an inspiring story


Ex-EDL member and mosque vandal Geoff Ryan says sorry to the Mosque Imaan and Muslims after jail release.

TATTOOED Geoff Ryan warmly embraces the Imam of Braintree Mosque and says sincerely: “I’m sorry.”

Less than a year ago, the 44-year-old stormed the peaceful prayer centre, armed with knives and smoke grenades, and even threatened to kill a worshipper in a “revenge” attack for the brutal murder of soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich.

After serving half of his nine-month jail sentence, the builder and former member of the English Defence League spent four hours discussing politics, extremism, religion and the events of that fateful night in May with leaders of the Muslim community, and now wants to help change negative perceptions of Islam.

(continued via  Haroon Qureshi)

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