3 Shahadas today at FOOTSCRAY Dawah Table

3 Shahadas today at FOOTSCRAY Dawah Table during Day 2 of ’10 Day DAWAH MARATHON 2014′
8 more days to go.

1) Top left: Brought up in a christian family, but was always eager to know about Islam and today he clarified all his questions and misconceptions about Islam, proclaiming his Shahadah.

2) Top Right: born in a catholic family but left Christianity due to errors in the Bible. after discussing about islam’s authenticity and great character of prophet Muhammad saws, she said she is ready to be a muslimah and thus read her shahadah.
3) Bottom: Matthew was born in a Muslim country, an ex muslim turned christian. On asking why he became christian, he said he left Islam coz christianity is more easy but later became very confusing with the erroneous beliefs. He first spoke for a while, went away, sat in front of our table for long time watching us then finally when his non muslim friends left, he came forward and cleared his misconceptions about Islam and concept of JIHAD. And then requested that he wants to read shahada and said wants to learn more about Islam and will join classes and asked everyone to pray for him to be pious muslim.

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