Involve #Islam in Your #Family Life

603606_10152392240533128_398036580_nWe all have an endless list of things to do after we return home from work, including cooking, cleaning and looking after the children. However, it is possible to incorporate “deen building” into all these activities:

a) Read Quran #Together: Take time out every now and then to reflect on the Glorious Qur’an with your family. Even if it’s only 20 minutes a day, it is definitely worth doing this together!
b) Watch Islamic Lectures Together: YouTube is such a big phenomenon these days and it’s great for us Muslims too. The number of interesting Islamic lectures available are endless, so get on the Internet and have a look. You can even keep on in the background while doing the cooking.
c) Prepare Meals Together: Why should you have to cook alone? Try and get your children and husband involved! Not only will the meals be prepared quicker, but you can also discuss your day with each other. Especially in Ramadan, preparing Iftar together can allow you to reflect on the fast that you are undertaking collectively. 

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(continued via ProductiveMuslimah)


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