Allah the most high blessed the team with 3 Shahadas!

10384031_658960420844073_5306295231556002132_nAlhumdulillah LDM team were in Oxford today, We had one of the most amazing days of dawah. Allah the most high blessed the team with 3 Shahadas! This is our new brother Sam, I spoke with him after he took his shahada and asked him what lead him to become Muslim; he said that the message made sense deep inside and he further added that when he heard the message it made the hairs on his arms stand! Allahuakbar! The great thing is we have his shahada and his interview on camera In shaa Allah it will be up soon.

Brothers and sisters please continue to support LDM with your donations so we can continue such activities currently our monthly running costs as a whole is £400 pounds, this money will cover all our videos, shows, radio, editing and dawah days!

Donate what ever you can to support the dawah. Or if you know any one that can please share.

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(continued via Imran Hussein,Posted 5 hr ago)

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