2 weeks ago, when there was 4 SHAHADAs in 1 day

10390435_286753701501108_5613776370427984665_nLast Saturday’s Da’wah was amazing! TAKBEER!!

Also, I got to meet the New Reverts from when I was in Saudi!

The brother on the left, is Ryan, and the one on the right is Derek, who is a friend of Ryan!
2 weeks ago, when there was 4 SHAHADAs in 1 day, it got even better, Ryan, went home, told his friend about Islam, and Derek took his Shahada too!

These 2 brothers have been coming to the mosque since almost every day, and I spoke to Ryan yesterday at The Iceberg Project meeting about Ramadhan, and he was explaining that he felt a peace in the mosque, and any time he feels stress he goes to the Mosque, and feels better. As you can see, he has been Topi’d!
I think i must be the only convert in Dundee, that didnt get Topi’d!

The brothers on the table, were really great! That Da’wah Training paid off! They were so comfortable at answering questions!
For example, The Brother asked “what Religion are you.”

the man replied: “I dont have a religion..”

then the brother asked “What is your belief then?”

“Well, i believe…”

I was very proud of them! Alhamdulilah!

Also, Subhan’Allah i was feeling a little hungry as i hadn’t eaten (which isn’t usual for Saturday) and on the way back, we passed a takeaway and we said salaam to the owner (who we dont know). The Palestinian man came out, asked where we are from and then saw the brother’s black jumper with the Kalima on it, and invited us to order a Free Pizza to take away for the sake of Allah. This was so kind!


We are going to see these Revert Brothers and others on Saturday Evening and Go for a FREE Pizza Meal at Pizza Hut for the Reverts.

May Allah bless you all.


(continued via Abraham Pirry, posted 5 hr ago)



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