alhmdllah a sister from Southern Sudan took her shahadah

10155722_10152421410828080_4727645126317289112_n (1)“Am I Muslim now! ?”

Today has been one of the busiest days. I thought it was the 18th for some reason and I found out I have three days to move.

I stopped by my office and found an incredibly intelligent, light young woman from Southern Sudan. She told me, “I had a dream that told me to embrace Islam.”

After a brief conversation she accepted faith. At that moment she started to cry saying, “Am I Muslim now?”

As war and strife rocks different parts of the world, incuding Sudan, this moment reminded me why faith is so beautiful. I don’t like taking pictures of conversions. But this one is an exception.

Please welcome her to faith. Welcome her home.


(continued via Imam Suhaib Webb, posted 2 hr ago)


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