Allahu AKbar, Indian Actress Monica Embraced Islam

Translation: assalaamu alaikum. I hope most of you know me I”m monica. I embraced islam i’ve changed my name to M.G. Raheema. I’m very happy after embracing Islam and please do not think that I’ve accepted Islam just because I fell in love with a muslim man or I’ve married an Sheikh. I can’t change my religion for silly matters. Only after gaining knowledge about Islamic laws I’ve accepted Islam and I love it. Islam is not like other religion. From dressing, our activities, charity and other aspects Islam stands unique.If one can’t understand these things nobody can stay in Islam for a long time. So I’ve understood Islam well before accepting it. I’ve planned to quit film industry and I’m very happy about that. I’m 26 now and I’ve been into film from the past 22 years, from my childhood. I’ve worked in tamil, english, hindi, telugu, malyalam and other languages too. All directors have given me a good support. I’ve almost worked for in 70 movies and now I’m planning to move to a new industry like tailoring, import/export, etc. I”m not gonna work for movies after may 2014 I”m gonna quit film industry completely. If i’m not into business i’ll get married and that’s it. Thank you all for supporting me.

Not only this sister but also Yuvan Shankar Raja a reputed Music Director, Son of the Legend of Music Ilayaraja (orthodox Hindu) embraced Islam 3 months back.

(continued via Islam Means Peace, posted 9 minute ago)



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