Takbeer, Sister Amy accepted Islam today


Takbeer! Allahu Akbar!

Sister Amy accepted Islam today. She is a friend of Br Anas who came towards dawah table, because brother wants his friend to know more about islam , as she believes in one god but due to confusion in Christianany she left Christanity and she was searching for true religion and the book of creator with out errors and found Quran as final revealation with no Errors , and she later on believed prophet Muhammed(pbuh) as a last and final messenger and took shahadah. She to took books to learn and practice islam , the religion of peace. May Allah ( swt ) bless brother Anas and sister for there love for Allah.

Join us in the Global Dawah Movement to articulate Islam to the people who are searching for the truth.

Sunday, 1st June
Bourke St Mall
Cnr of Bourke & Swanston St
11pm to 4pm

For any queries contact 0425886949

(continued via IREA, posted 13 hr ago)

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