Takbeer, Allahu Akbar, Bro. Alex joined the brotherhood and accepted Islam as a way of life.


Takbeer! Allahu Akbar!

Br Alex joined the brotherhood and accepted Islam as a way of life.

Alex flamenco a street musician and athiest was not aware of creation took place as he believed in evolution in beginning. Later when explained by our da’ee about how Allah created Earth and heaven he started to think. Our da’ee told him Allah is the creator of all creation. He just says, “Be and it wil Become” . Then our da’ee explained in more details and articulate the Purpose of Life. He was happy to learn new things which he never heared before then he said I dont think jesus as a God but I think he is just a prophet. We told him about prophet Muhammed(pbuh) and his many followers all over the world. They even practice his words but now media are playing with this religion of peace as it is a religion of war they showing it as religion of War because of their hidden agendas. Finally he was happy to take shahada and accept Islam as a way of life. He took some books to gain knowledge and practice. May Allah(swt) make him steadfast in practicing Islam .

(continued via IREA, posted 10 hr ago)

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