Allahu Akbar! Alhamdulilah Brother Abhishek, a former Hindu, has taken Shahadah!
Brother Abhishek was conducting business with a Muslim client over lunch. As they were about to head out Brother Abhishek offered Salam to his Muslim client w…hich took his client by surprise.
The Muslim brother then said: “I didn’t realize you were Muslim.”
Brother Abhishek responded: “No I am not, but I am interested in becoming one.
SubhannaAllah. Once the correct message was conveyed to him he accepted Islam.
This is Brother Abhishek with the team in ‪#‎Toronto‬. May Allah SWT grant him steadfastness and make him a source of guidance for all, In Sha Allah.

(continued via Non-muslims who revert to Islam posted 49 hr ago)


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