How I came to Islam? Sister Fatima E.

1510853_1543289389231596_554718919600386146_nHow I came to Islam?
Well I’m from London UK my family are mostly white English and many of my fathers side hold some nasty racist views of the world.
But I have always been interested with the world people cultures history conspiracy theories and Aliens the God question Jesus Noah’s Ark etc so I watching videos on YouTube and Facebook from science video I ended up watching Islam and modern science from there I started watching other Islamic views like the end times miner and major signs of judgment day and I have never stopped since.
Alhamdulillah I excepted Islam with a school friends family because I didn’t want to die without knowing that I was a believer of the one true God and his final Messenger 
So in a nut shell Alhamdulillah Youtube and Facebook helped me to Islam 
It’s been and 7 or 8 weeks that I am a Muslim now Alhamdulillah


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