It is totally false that Muslims hate Jews


It is totally false that Muslims hate Jews. The Quran addresses the Jews as people of the book.

The Jews used to see the Muslims as liberators from the oppressors in Europe.

However, Muslims find the actions and idealogy of the Zionist state abhorrent.

How evil it is that the Zionist who claim to speak for Jews, are killing and stealing from the very people who liberated them.

We are anti Zionist not anti Semetic.

The Zionists are the real racists, who don’t only claim superiority over the Muslims who are Arabs, but they also claim superiority over the Jews who are black.

(And they say Muslims don’t believe in freedom to practice your religion. Not true. We allow people to practice their own faiths in an Islamic society. But since in a Shariah it’s an Islamic theocracy, we govern by Allah’s Law. Not by laws of all religions. Just Islamic Law. That doesn’t mean, however, you can’t practice your respective faith freely.)

(continued via Tareq McDonald, shared 2 hr ago)


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