Yusuf Chambers, Hamza Tzortzis and Abdul Rahim Green LIVE NOW on R. TV


I’m Yusuf Chambers, I reverted to Islam in the blessed month of ‪#‎Ramadan‬some 20 odd years ago. Tonight we’re asking you to support training of people to share the message of Islam so that more people can be invited to Islam. Tune in on SKY 875 or online at www.iera.org/tv. Call me on +44(0)2036370490 from now till 0345AM BST.


Asalaam Alaykum please call me. we are live on Ramadhan TVhttp://www.iera.org/donations/campaigns/mission-dawah/

Please can you get the message out there on whatsapp and twitter and all social media. We need £57,000 for dawah missions all around the world.

Our target is to raise £57,500

We need £25,000 for Dawah Training which will train 1750 people inshallah

We are also raising for 50 Dawah Missions for which we need £12,500

in addition to the above we are raising £20,000 to train 440 new muslim mentors (people to look after new Muslims) inshallah

May Allah allow us to find Lailatul Qadr tonight Ameen


Quick, I’m about to come back on Ramadan TV SKY 875 so tune in now –www.iera.org/tv . Get ready to call me un the studio 02036370490 inshaa’Allah.

(CONTINUED VIA Abdurraheem Green – Official Page, posted 39 mins ago)

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