Brother Ali Camarata’s Journey to islam

1798538_700244010019970_1116075999_nI was raised Christian, went to summer camps and so on. I was actually born-again earlier the same year I ended up converting to Islam and was reading the bible regularly. I joined the US military as soon as I turned 17 that year, went to basic training in the summer, after 9/11 was on the Muslim hating bandwagon, and then while browsing the internet for anti-Muslim reasons I stumbled (alhamdulillah) upon some real dawah sites like and others in December.

When I first read about Islam and the belief in the prophets, authenticity of the Quran, story of Salman al-Farsi and such I was so surprised at what I didn’t know that I would wake up and start reading then fall asleep that night still reading. I had some previous issues on Christian inconsistencies especially the early Christian sects, authenticity, changes in dogma, and so on.

During that week of reading I told myself that when I felt like being closer to God the only option was grab a Bible because that’s what I was raised with, but if I wanted to truly be a Christian I had to “choose” it over something else. I read Islam to disprove it but the truth won me over by the will and mercy of Allah. I also had waswas (whispers) just before converting that “you’re white, you can’t be Muslim” and “you’re young and about to go to college, worry about religion later” etc.

Alhamdulillah I became Muslim a day before the New Year but couldn’t find a masjid so did the shahadah in my bedroom and announced it to 4-5 Muslims in an online chatroom. I knew history, proofs of prophethood, the truth/divinity/authenticity of the Quran but nothing else when I converted but learned steadily over time and haven’t stopped learning and confirming that choice was right ever since then.

In Christianity whenever I learned something or had questions it often led to more doubts and you’re told to “just have faith” through the contradictions and errors. While in Islam you find the opposite – you only find perfection and the more you learn and gain knowledge the more it equally increases you in faith. Alhamdulillah for Islam, Allah’s true religion.

(continued via Ali Camarata, posted yesterday @ 1:12 AM)


Born and raised in the US as a Christian and later converted to Islam after studying religion and searching for the truth. Founder of us-Sunnah Foundation.


4 thoughts on “Brother Ali Camarata’s Journey to islam

  1. You should distance yourself from this person. Before he fled the United States he defrauded a cancer patient out of more than $45,000 worth of her money. She has a judgement against him and the courts are looking for him and his wife Zena Gibson as well. He should have stayed a Christian and maybe he would not have defrauded this poor woman out of her money

  2. mabruok! u r more lucky to came into the fold of Islam through ur own self rerearch, unlike me who alhamdulillah just follow and obey my beloved mama. She converted to Islam in Hongkong when she worked as domestic helper mingled among Chinese Muslimahs who r wearing scarfs which she was attracted towards the teachings of Islam.She was mostly about becoming a nun during her colleges studies but her parents let her to take commerce course instead so her ambition to be a nun was disrupted and just during her labor days in Hongkong revived her interest of wearing the saint modest attire like virgin Mary.Due to her consciousness and closeness to Muslimah ladies brought her to join Islamic seminars and comparative studies then finally she did her shahada in Kowloon Mosque, Hongkong year 1986… Then went for vacation in Philippines and convince the whole family to embrace Islam, we recited our shahadah in one masjid in the city of Pines,I was 10yrs old that time and due to Christian environment and luck of reading materials and private tutors …i lived almost like still a Christian ,still joining Sunday Schools , christians youth affairs etc. My mother those times was out again to continue her contract job in Hongkong, my father and us his children was just dependent on every Friday prayer in an islamic center of Baguio City. I was so sorry to tell that no further improvement of our relegious practices during those many years, until mama ask some consultation to some Muslimah sisters in Hongkong wether they knew some islamic places in Philippines for Hijrah, Alhmdulillah one dalil frm Mindanao Marawi City accompanied the whole family except my daddy who still preffer to remain in Baguio…Yr 1991 we started to live and practice Islam among in that community of Muslims. We lived around a beautiful scenic university campus,MSU-Mindanao State University, there i took my public administrgtion course.After two years college student i mingled purely among the niqabis group. That my life changed very far; then i dress only pure abaya in the campus where a lot of Muslimah still fun of wearing T-shirts and jeans, free mix relationships among boys and girls in the campus, but leaving me choosy whom to be friend and always preffering staying alone in any corners.I joined madrassah every Saturday and Sunday with siblings started frm alif ba ta until abled to read and recite Al’Qur-an…Alhamdulillah it was like too impossible to read Arabic alphabets but it was proven that nothing s impossible to learn and practice Islam if we r in a suitable and supportive environment . Inshaa Allah

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