sister Stef J Taylor’s difficulties and her patience after embracing islam

I took my Shahada on Dec 12, 2013.
As I converted, I started the hijab and got hit by a women who called me white terrorist.A man say you’re sh*t go to a different country.
But this is my country.

A mall employee fed me pig and LoL he was like pizza slices and I asked is it pork he said no I eat it. He told me after it was.
And my old friend who said my brother loves you and you convert stupid girl and then put pig photos on my face book and made rumours up about me.
A women who worked close to me make up stories about people who I care for because she thought I was a fool for converting which made me loss them forever.
A friend said if you stay muslim I will make your life hell and she did, but I love Islam and will never give up.
Allah is testing me everyday.
I was so scared to tell people I was muslim but everyday I prayed more stronger I got. Then I was not scared.
Jan 1, 2014 I lost my love ones but grew in a religion.
But I know that Allah is testing me everyday.”-Stef J Taylor (USA)



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