swedish sisters short story to islam


My name is Laila , and this is a lil bit of my journey to Islam and wearing hijab. I am a revert and I reverted beginning of 2014 . I was raised as a Christian but I always felt a disconnection from God as the church I was attending focused on Jesus and all the praise/glory given to him. In my heart I knew this was very wrong , but instead of doing the right thing I broke away from that at 14 and lived a very reckless life . There were many opportunities where I could’ve reverted and I wanted to but I was fearful of what my family and friends would say .

But eventually last year I decided to research Islam more , ask questions and read a lot of books . From before I took my shahadah I had already made the decision to wear hijab but once again I was a more worried about what people would say so I wore it in a turban style and various other wraps. Then as I grew more in iman (faith) I realised I cannot fear the creation of Allah but instead I should fear Allah , that day I took a bold step and wore hijab properly . I’ve never had so many butterflies in my stomach before but it was fantastic and I felt free. Once I took shahadah(testimony of faith) in January which was one of the best day of my life . From that time to now I have evolved gradually In my hijab attire I now wear niqab also . One piece of advice to My beautiful sisters: never let anyone judge you or make you feel bad for your hijab as we are all at different stages of our journey.” [London, England]


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